Release Notes for 2022-2.4 (July 22nd, 2022)


Release Notes for 2022-2.4 Agents 

(July 22nd, 2022) 

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Viakoo Agents Release 2022-2.4 (version 6084) delivers key bug fixes, particularly for users of Airship VMS and those utilizing Viakoo to monitor non-camera SNMP devices. 

Issues Resolved   

  • Viakoo Agents now support multiple instances of Airship VMS running on a single host system [VA-2073] 
  • Issues causing a thread leak in the Viakoo Reader Agent (VRA) when using SNMP to monitor non-camera IoT devices have been fixed [VA-2125] 
  • An issue causing Viakoo Agents to not detect critical VMS processes and erroneously label them as “stopped” has been fixed [VA-2062] 
  • An issue causing system hang on certain Dell systems with RAID volumes has been fixed [VA-2116] 
  • An issue causing Viakoo Agents integrated with Avigilon ES appliances to report the server's name as a VMS process has been fixed [VA-2105] 

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