Release Notes 3.0 (July 17th, 2022)


Viakoo Customer Announcement 3.0 



Viakoo 3.0 upgrades the Backend authentication service. As a result of this change, your previous password is now invalid and will need to be reset.

Follow the instructions below to reset your credentials: 

  1. On the Login page, you must click on “Forgot password?” link Viakoo_Login_Screen.png
  2. You must enter your email address, and click on “Request Password Reset” screen-2-enter-email.png
  3. You will then receive an email. Click the link in that email.Email_w_Link.png
  4. User must select a new password. It must be of significant strength ("Okay" or better). Retype your chosen password in the "reenter" field and click on “Change Password” to confirm. Viakoo_Change_Password_Screen.png You should see a "Success" message in the upper right corner of your screen to confirm the system has your new password.                             screen-4-password-reset-success.png
  5. You will then receive a confirmation email about successful password reset. email-after-change.png
  6. You can then click on “Sign in” on the login page, and enter your new credentials. screen-5-sign-in.png

Once the above step is completed, access and layout of the Viakoo service remains the same. 

Miscellaneous Issues or Fixes 

  • Saving table-column preferences (i.e. what columns are visible) are currently in Release 3.0. Users can still adjust visible columns manually each time. [VWA-1704] 

More Information 

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at 

We love hearing from you! 

-Team Viakoo 

1 (650) 263-8225 


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