Release Notes for 2022-2.1 (April 11th, 2022)


Viakoo Release Notes 2022-2.1 


2022-2.1 Agent Download Page

Viakoo Release 2022-2.1 fixes a critical issue with the prior 2022-2 Agent Release (version 5962 to 5998) that causes Windows hosts to become unresponsive. Details are outlined below: 

Issues Resolved  

  • 2022-2.1 (6002 or greater) addresses a system memory leak problem triggered by 2022-2 Viakoo Agents. A bug in Windows Virtual Disk service, if not patched, will be triggered by the previous release of the ViakooRA. The bug, when triggered, will cause the system to leak memory, eventually making the server  slow or unresponsive (VA-2039). Though there may be hot fixes available for different versions of the Windows Virtual Disk Service, Viakoo is releasing 2022-2.1 update to mitigate the issue.  

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