Release Notes for 2022-2 (March 18th, 2022)


Viakoo Agent Release Notes 2022-2 


2022-2 Agent Download Page  

Viakoo Agent Release 2022-2 (version 5985 and greater) simplifies the user experience of adding devices (e.g., an IoT device, Switch, et cetera) to a ViakooRA Collection. In addition, Release 2022-2 Agents add support for Avigilon ES NVR appliances. Finally, it also contains fixes to a few critical issues.

For more information, please read below for details. 

Add Device Button 

ViakooRA will auto-discover devices that are part of applications running on the associated server. However, IoT devices, Switches, et cetera, can be added manually. In 2022-2 agents, we have now consolidated adding these extra devices through the “+” button on the main ViakooCA console for each ViakooRA in your site. 


This brings up a selection of device types you can add. Click “Add” to choose the type of extra device to add to your RA. 


You can then go through the necessary dialog to add your device. 

Support for Avigilon ES NVR Appliances 

Release 2022-2 adds special support for Avigilon ES NVR Appliances. These devices do not allow you to install Viakoo agents in them. Instead, you can add them to the collection of a ViakooRA, just as you would any other extra device. 

Once added, these appliances will show up in the main Viakoo WebUI as a server with associated cameras and video streams. 

For more information on this support and how to add these devices to your collection, refer to Support for Avigilon ES NVR Appliances. 

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements 

In addition to the new features, the following issues have been fixed with this release:  

  • Issues affecting missing streams on RaspberryPI/Orchid systems have been resolved [VA-1955] 
  • Issue affecting Agent installers not starting the service in agents 5951-5959 has been fixed [VA-1957] 
  • Issue that can periodically cause a server to show a momentary VPU=0 event has been eliminated [VA-1948] 

More information 

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at 

We love hearing from you! 

-Team Viakoo 

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