Support for Avigilon ES NVR Appliances


Support for Avigilon ES NVR Appliances

Starting release 2022-2 Agents (5985), Viakoo supports Avigilon ES NVR Appliances.  

These devices cannot have Viakoo Agents installed on them so they must be added as an extra device to a ViakooRA’s collection cycle. The new capability allows you to add them to Viakoo and monitor them as you would other recording servers as well as the associated cameras and video streams. Though not all of Viakoo’s diagnostic features are available for these systems, they can still be monitored to provide health and alerting measures and, if the cameras are reachable by the associated ViakooRA, can support Cyber Hygiene features as well. 


This article explains how to add these kinds of devices and what Viakoo features are supported for these devices. 

Adding a Single Avigilon ES Appliance 

In the ViakooCA console, you can click on “+” to bring up the dialog to add an extra device to the associated ViakooRA. 


After clicking on “+”, you will see a pop-up dialog with additional options. In this window, click “Add” for the Avigilon Appliance option.


This brings up the “Add Avigilon ES” dialog, fill in the appropriate fields and click, “Save.”


Adding Multiple Avigilon ES Appliances

To add multiple Avigilon ES NVR appliances at once, click on the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Avigilon Appliances” option in the “Add Multiple” section. 



This brings up the “Add Multiple Avigilon Appliances” page which will allow you to add one or more Avigilon Appliances at once.  

For each appliance, you will need to supply the following fields: 

  • A specific ViakooRA to collect its data,  
  • The IP address of the device,  
  • The IP port number (e.g., 443), 
  • The ACC username and ACC password,  
  • Web Portal username, and password,  

As you start entering values in the first row, an optional second row will appear. As you enter values in this second row, an optional third row will appear, and so on. In this way, you can enter as many appliances as you would like, simply by continuing to add them, one row at a time. 

You can also choose to import a CSV spreadsheet of devices following the same column format. To get an example CSV file to edit in your preferred spreadsheet software, click the “Download Template” button. 


When you have entered the devices you want to add, click the “Add Avigilon ES” button. It will then ask you to confirm your submission before adding them to the associated ViakooRAs collection responsibilities.


You can either click on “Save” to commit the change or click on “Cancel” to go back to ViakooCA home page. 

When you click on “Save” from this confirmation dialog. For each device in your list, if it succeeds, you will see “Device Added” with a green check next to it. If it fails for some reason, it will show the warning message along with the reason it couldn’t add the device.


Avigilon ES Appliances in the Viakoo WebUI

After adding your Avigilon Appliance from ViakooCA console, click “Trigger Send.” If a collection is already in progress, you may need to wait for the current collection to be transmitted before triggering another send. 

After a successful send, you should then see your appliance(s) in the Viakoo WebUI dashboard and its connected cameras.


Depending on your Viakoo subscription, you will see Avigilon Appliance ES status and its connected camera status on your site dashboard within 20 mins or so. From the Details page, you will be able to get Avigilon Appliance firmware versions, power on date, storage, connection status. For Avigilon Appliance connected camera, you will find power on status, firmware versions, and active streams.

Failure of the box or any associated camera device will trigger expected tickets.

More information

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