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Viakoo Release Notes 2022-1 


2022-1 Agents Page

Viakoo Release 2022-1 fixes a critical issue with the prior 2021-3 Agent Release that causes Viakoo Agent to not restart during the installation as well as addresses several other issues affecting superfluous RA-Offline related FAILURE statuses. In addition, 2022-1 Agents fix a variety of issues. Details are outlined below: 

Issues Resolved  

  • Issues affecting ViakooRAs from restarting has now been resolved. The restart issue precipitated issues with tickets and cameras (VA-1900, VA-1920, VA-1926, VA-1928, VA-1930, VA-1934, VA-1936). 
  • Issues affecting VPU stability on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Systems have now been resolved (VA-1829). 
  • Release 2022-1 now properly tracks “enabled” streams with Airship VMS (VA-1821). Detected “unused” streams can be viewed by enabling “IGNORED” or “UNUSED” priority streams in stream tables. 
  • Release 2022-1 agents now accurately detect stream retention for Geovision V8 systems (VA-1746 & VA –1834). 
  • Release 2022-1 agents now include DFM support for Hanwha/Samsung camera (VA-1814) 
  • “Remote Access” option for the ViakooCA now works as documented. This setting is enabled in the “Configure Secure-Mode -> Advanced” page (VA-1817). 
  • Adding Multiple IoT Devices now works correctly (VA-1819). 
  • Release 2022-1 ViakooCA Password Manager can now support special characters in passwords (VA-1868). 
  • Release 2022-1 Agents can now support HTTPS in Firmware upgrades (VA-1875) 
  • Release 2022-1 corrects FAN detection issue in older systems (Windows 2016r2 and earlier) (VA-1895). 
  • Release 2022-1 now reports HP disks and diskgroups correctly (VA-1914) 

More information 

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