Release Notes 2.28.1 (February 11th, 2022)


Viakoo Release Notes 2.28.1 


Viakoo Release 2.28.1 is a patch update to 2.28 that primarily addresses a communication issue between Viakoo agents that was incorrectly marking devices as “missing”. This and a few other issues have been resolved in this patch. Many of these issues also require 2022-1 level (version 5933 and above) agents to fully address their problems. Contact Viakoo support to schedule agent updates to your infrastructure. Details provided below: 

Issues Resolved 

  • ViakooRA “missing” failures: When a ViakooRA is online and reachable but unable to generate data under certain conditions, the ViakooRA was being marked as Down (VCS-3698, VCS-3781, VCS-3782) and the associated server and related devices were flagged as “missing” with a FAILURE (RED) status. Under this condition, Release 2.28.1 with sites running the Agents 2022-1 or greater will no longer mark these servers and devices as offline. This fix requires the new 2022-1 Agents (version 5933 or greater). 
  • Firmware Job Hangs: Release 2.28 along with current agents, cause periodic hangs of firmware jobs. The condition was caused when agents failed to send upgrade completion events. Release 2.28.1 can recognize these conditions and recover the job (VCS-3768). 
  • Release 2.28.1 no longer will open “Pending Reboot” tickets. This condition is caused by background updates to the system that may set this flag. Depending on your configuration and situation, the pending reboot condition can be ignored or could contribute to a subsequent system failure. For many configurations, this ticket was more disruptive than helpful. The Pending Reboot condition can be seen in a server’s details tab as follows:Pending_Reboot_Flag_for_Server.png
  • Subsequent failure Tickets will highlight this condition as a contributing root cause (VCS-3786) if appropriate. 
  • Status for IGNORED components (e.g., a process, disk, fan, etc.) no longer propagate an “Issues detected” associated servers in the Viakoo dashboard (VCS-3793)  

More Information 

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at 

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