Release Notes for Agent 2021-3 (December 22nd, 2021)


Viakoo Agent Release 2021-3


Viakoo Agent Release 2021-3 (version 5868 or higher) includes support for ARM processors (Raspberry PI), drivers for Honeywell & Avigilon cameras and numerous fixes and improvements on Linux systems.

Additionally, 2021-3 Agents include more bug fixes and performance enhancements. For more information, please read below for details.

ARM/RaspberryPI Support

Viakoo’s 2021-3 agents now include support for ARM processors running Ubuntu variants of Linux. This includes support for RaspberryPI devices running Ubuntu or Rapberian Linux. Look for the * versions of the installer in the Latest Agents download page.

Support for Orchid VMS on RaspberryPI Systems

As part of our new support for ARM systems, 2021-3 Agents also support Orchid VMS when installed on ARM or RaspberryPI systems running an Ubuntu variant of Linux.

Installer with New Runtimes

2021-3 Agents now use the Java 8 Runtime and Tomcat 9 application server. Sites running with the older Java 7 Runtime Environment are still supported with agent updates but to get the new runtime environment, you currently will need to reinstall your Viakoo Agents.

New Manufacturers Supported DFM

2021-3 Agents include DFM drivers for both Avigilon and Honeywell cameras.

Overall Improvements on Linux Systems

2021-3 Agents make a significant improvement in correcting small and large issues with Ubuntu Linux support. They are detailed below:

Automatic Installation of Dependent Packages

Because Linux systems are easier to tailor for specific needs, sometimes these systems have been configured with critical system utilities removed. If a system is missing these packages, certain features of Viakoo will not work.

Therefore, with 2021-3 Agent Installer on Linux systems will now add dependent system utilities automatically if they are missing. Currently, this list includes the following: 

  • lshw, 
  • net-tools 
  • util-linux

These packages will not get installed with automatic agent updates from Viakoo. If a system is missing these packages, you may need to reinstall your ViakooRA Agents on the affected systems to get full support. Alternatively, you can install them using the system package manager. [VA-1421]

If you have questions about your Linux system performance, contact

Fixes to Viakoo Agents on Linux

In addition to improvements to installation and more platforms supported, 2021-3 Agents also correct numerous issues on Linux. This include the following:

  • 2021-3 Agents  now properly report system names [VA-1501]
  • 2021-3 Agents now have FreeSpace measures in Volumes [VA-1111]
  • 2021-3 Agents properly report IP addresses for Servers even in cases where the local loopback address was used (e.g., “localhost” or “”). Note, this maybe a situation where the ViakooRA may need to be reinstalled to pick up dependent packages (see above).[VA-1490]
  • 2021-3 Agents now more accurately report IP traffic.[VA-1760]

Log4J Vulnerability Impact

Use of the Viakoo Service or Viakoo Agents install on premises does not expose customers to heightened security risks. For more information on this, refer to the Viakoo KB Article Concern Log4j and its use in Viakoo.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • The problem with adding username/password credentials for a single device has now been corrected.[VA-1792]
  • Using 2021-3 agents or later, Linux servers will now display their IP addresses. If they aren’t being displayed, you may need to add the necessary dependent package (lshw), which you can do directly or reinstall the ViakooRA to have the installer pick it up.(See above) [VA-1490]
  • Hostnames missing on Linux systems in previous releases will not be showing using 2021-3 agents. [VA-1501]
  • Issues affecting reading of camera & stream tables on ONSSI v5 and ONSSI v6 systems have been corrected in 2021-3 Agents.[VA-1704 & VA-1804]
  • Issues causing frequent ViakooRA not-responding tickets have been mitigated. [VA-1803]
  • 2021-3 agents now correctly identify camera models when using Detexi VMS systems.[VA-1801]
  • 2021-3 agents now correctly report CPU temperatures on Ubuntu Linux systems.[VA-1799]
  • 2021-3 Agents correct numerous issues when using the AirShip VMS. This includes supporting multi-stream cameras[VA-1776 & VA-1782], multiple archiving drives[VA-1784] and properly reporting processes[VA-1766] in AirShip VMS systems.
  • Issues affecting ViakooCA Console hanging when activating a new site through a proxy server has now been resolved.[VA-1775]
  • 2021-3 Agents now properly report Avigilon VMS versions.[VA-1769]
  • 2021-3 Agents correct an issue that can lead to site-duplication when a site gets moved to a different locale (e.g., region). [VA-1763]
  • 2021-3 Agents now properly report Camera/Stream data for GeoVision V8 VMS systems.[VA-1742]

More information

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