Release Notes 2.28 (November 19th, 2021)


Viakoo Release Notes 2.28


Viakoo Release 2.28 is a significant step forward for the Viakoo Service. The key feature in this release is Device Certificate Management, where properly configured customers can manage 802.1x and TLS certificates for their devices through Viakoo. There are additional improvements outlined below:

Device Certificate Management

Certificates are the primary way to secure device networks and communication between devices on networks. However, while there is significant support for certificate management on active devices such as servers and workstations, IoT Devices traditionally are passive and so need users to manage certificates one device at a time which is costly and error-prone. 

In Release 2.28, Viakoo introduces Device Certificate Manager to provide a scalable way to manage 802.1x and TLS certificates for IoT devices across your entire infrastructure. For more information, refer to the Device Certificate Management section in our Knowledge Base.

This capability requires separate licensing and configuration. Contact your Viakoo Sales Representative for more information.


Updates to Help-Desk Profiles

New “All” Profiles

Users will now notice two new Help-Desk notification profiles:

  • Help-Desk[JSON-All]
  • Help-Desk[Plain-Text-All]


When you create a new user with this profile or you change your own notification settings to this profile, you get email alerts for all tickets and for any status change (i.e., when a ticket OPENS, gets ASSIGNED, gets ACCEPTED, RESOLVES or CLOSES). 

This allows you to update status changes in Viakoo with the corresponding ticket created in your help-desk system. Store the Viakoo Ticket Id in a searchable field when you create your helpdesk ticket initially, then use the Viakoo Ticket Id field to locate the corresponding ticket in your help-desk system and update it to reflect the change in status in Viakoo.

After you create a user with this profile, or change your own notification settings to this profile, you may want to customize the specific tickets and severity levels that send alerts. Refer to Customizing Notifications for more information.

Additional Fields in JSON Alerts

JSON Help-Desk notification profiles now include a “server” attribute for tickets for cameras, controllers, streams, switches and IoT devices. The attribute is formatted as follows:

..,"server": {"name": <name string>, "id": <server id>},

The server listed is the server hosting the ViakooRA that is monitoring and managing the device. For situations where multiple servers are monitoring the device, such as when a camera is recording to more than one server, this field could be any of the associated servers.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • “IGNORED” devices no longer show up in “Compliance” or “Non-Compliance” counts in the Firmware->Compliance subtab.
  • Compliance settings for Device Firmware Manager now leave devices in a “UNKNOWN” state if Viakoo cannot read the firmware version of the device. 
  • Strong password requirements are now verified in the “setPassword” API as well as enforced in the WebUI.
  • “Go-to-Camera” feature now works for IPv6 devices.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

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