Release Notes for Agent Update 2021-1 (March 12th, 2021)


Viakoo Agent Release 2021-1

(March 12th, 2021)

Viakoo Agent Release 2021-1 (version 5600 or higher) enables the faster Site_Offline feature as well as various fixes and improvements outlined below: 


Normally, a failure event like a camera going offline or server crashing takes a relatively short time to notify Viakoo. CRITICAL devices can alert within a few minutes of a failure event. However, Site fail events  require Viakoo to alert on the absence of data coming from a site. To avoid false alarms, Viakoo could only alert after close to 45 minutes to an hour of missing data from the site. 

2021-1 agents and higher now have the ability to synchronize more efficiently with the Viakoo data center cutting site-offline alerts to a little over 20 minutes. For customers with hard SLA deadlines, Viakoo can increase this offline alerting to less than 10 minutes using. 

Contact your Viakoo representative to learn more. 

New Support

Out-of-the-Box, 2021-1 agents support PERC controllers

Out-of-the-Box, 2021-1 agents supports Geovision VMS

Out-of-the-Box, 2021-1 agents includes full firmware support for Sony model surveillance cameras.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • 2021-1 agents correct issue causing Reader Agent crashes on latest Windows 10 platforms.
  • 2021-1 agents properly identify 3xLogic VMS as being installed and running.
  • 2021-1 agents correctly load IoT devices that contain more than one OID Collections in their entry.
  • 2021-1 agents eliminate race conditions that would cause an agent update to self-delete.
  • 2021-1 agents now successfully update Reader Agents that are in “Secure Mode”

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

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