Sending Viakoo RA Log Files


Very rarely Viakoo will ask you to capture and send the Viakoo log files from a server.  We need these files to repair the Viakoo Agent on a server that is not reporting correctly.  Complete log files are too large to send over the telemetry link.  So this is a manual process.


1. Gain access to the server in question, either remote or direct.

2. Locate the Viakoo agent logs directory:  

The Viakoo RA logs are located here:

C:\Program Files\Viakoo\Video Network Navigator RA\apache-tomcat-7.0.65/logs

3. Copy the entire logs directory and paste it onto your desktop.  

4. Select the copy on your desktop.

5. Right click on the copy of the logs directory and select send to compressed folder.

This will create a new file on your desktop with the name ""

6. Rename the file logs{todays complete date}.zip


7. If the file is small enough you can attach it to an email and send it to, please make the subject line "Viakoo log files from {company name here}"

8. If the file is too large to attach to an email please contact us at and we will find another way to transmit the files.



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