Release Notes for Agent Update 2020-3 (August 28th, 2020)


Viakoo Agent Release 2020-3

(Agents v.5450 and higher)

August 28th, 2020

Viakoo Agent Release 2020-3 introduces the “Secure-Mode” feature as well as various fixes and improvements outlined below: 

Secure Communication 

Communication between Viakoo Communication Agent (ViakooCA) to the Viakoo data center is encrypted using TLS protocols. However, communication between the ViakooCA and the various Viakoo Reader Agents (ViakooRA) within a site at your company defaults to using unencrypted socket communication. For many, this may be okay because communication within your security network is considered trusted in that the network should be isolated with firewalls and/or VLANs, within your organization’s private network. However, if there is a risk that your network could be compromised, it is good to secure this agent-to-agent IP traffic as well.

Release 2020-3 agents now come with the ability to secure the communication between agents. Viakoo Agents can not only encrypt traffic between agents, but also can establish a trust relationship such that only one ViakooCA will be recognized by each ViakooRA at a site.

As part of this update, ports 10101 (ViakooCA) and 10106 (ViakooRA) are restricted by default. Port 10101, which is the port used to access the ViakooCA console now defaults to only being accessible from the local host running the ViakooCA (see below to change this setting). 10106 when referenced remotely, only shows the ViakooRA version running on that system and access to the ViakooRA’s console can only be done from the local host running that RA. These extra measures force administrators to have login credentials for the local system before they can configure the Viakoo agents, adding another level of protection.

Go to “Configuring Secure-Mode” to read more about setting up this feature.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Issues affecting Retention in MaxPro and Salient VMS customers have been addressed.
  • Some users with very large video archive partitions may need an adjustment to memory available to the ViakooRA to perform retention. If you are experiencing issues, contact to get your configuration adjusted.
  • IoT Device Manager page in the ViakooCA Console now properly saves entered devices.
  • Editing of an IoT Device now properly maintains associations with collections.
  • 2020-3 agents now reliably detect Salient VMS databases.  Salient Camera Model and FW version information is now automatically detected.
  • Issue that was precipitating numerous, spurious MAC addresses for some devices has been resolved.
  • Reinstalling the ViakooRA could sometimes create duplicate entries in the Viakoo dashboard. This has been corrected.

More information

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