Release Notes for Agent Update 2020-2 (June 24th, 2020)


Viakoo Agent Update 2020-2

(Agent v.5400 and higher)

June 24, 2020

Viakoo Agent Release 2020-2 (> v#5400) is an incremental improvement from 2020-1 agents. The most significant update is associated with more scalable ways of entering device credentials for Firmware Update Manager but there are also some key fixes and improvements outlined below.

The features in this release are available for fresh installs off the Latest Viakoo Agents page for fresh installs. If you have sites that are already activated with older agents and you would like your site upgraded to this version or later, please contact

Scalable Password Submission

For critical features such as firmware updates, the agents need camera administrative credentials to perform these functions. Currently, these need to be supplied to the agents through the ViakooCA’s Password Manager. From 2020-2 and forward, the password manager now has four ways of adding password credentials:

  1. Adding credentials for individual devices
  2. Adding credentials for all devices of a single manufacturer
  3. A default credential for all devices at the site
  4. A way of importing credentials from your VMS application


Priority of Credential Selection

Given the above, it is possible to have multiple credentials be associated with the same device. For example, imagine a Pelco camera at IP address If there is a default credential for all cameras at a site, a credential for all Pelco devices at the same site and a credential set for address 

In this situation, the agents use the following strategy to figure out which credential to use:

  1. If there is a credential defined for the specific device, use it.
  2. If there is not a working credential for the specific device but there is a credential defined for the manufacturer associated with the device, use the credential defined for the manufacturer of the device.
  3. If there is not a working credential for the specific device, nor for the manufacturer of the device, but there is a default credential for that type of device (e.g., “Camera”), it will use the default for that type of device.

For more information about how to add device credentials into the Viakoo Agents, refer to Adding Camera Passwords for Firmware Updating.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • For ExacqVision on Linux systems, 2020-2 agents now properly detect all streams.
  • Issues affecting reading stream configuration data has been corrected on MaxPro VMS systems.
  • Race condition that affected the ViakooCA Linux agent’s ability to restart immediately have now been corrected.
  • Issue affecting the collection of configuration information on centralized Genetec Directory Servers has been corrected.

Known Problems

  • Cameras getting firmware updates from Linux ViakooRAs may revert with “Agent Cancel” events due to a corrupted firmware file. Reattempt the upgrade or contact if the problem persists.
  • When adding SNMPv3 switches, you may experience an exception error from the ViakooCA console. This happens when communication with the device has a high latency or the device is slow in responding for some other reason. If the credentials are correct, reattempting usually allows the device to add.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

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