Release Notes 2.26 (June 9th, 2020)


Viakoo Release Notes 2.26

(June 9th, 2020)

Viakoo Release 2.26 is an incremental step forward for the Viakoo Service. Firmware Update users now have access to the new “Inventory” tool and private realm users can now generate an “Account Summary” report. In addition, a corresponding update to our latest agents now support SNMPv3, more robustness for Firmware Updates, IPv6 support and improved support for Mobotix cameras among many numerous enhancements and fixes.

Finally, Release 2.26 includes more bug fixes and performance enhancements. For more information, please read below for details. 

Firmware -> Inventory Subtab

For Firmware Update Manager customers, they will notice a new “Inventory” subtab.


The Firmware Inventory tab provides a summary of your camera inventory broken down by make, model and firmware version. This will help you determine what firmware versions are currently in use among your population of cameras. It can also be used as a convenient way to decide and designate which firmware versions should be marked as Compliant or Non-Compliant across your infrastructure. 


Your inventory is presented as camera counts per manufacturer. Drilling down you can see the counts sub-divided by model, and then by firmware version. All this information can be exported to a single spreadsheet as well. 


Clicking on a particular manufacturer will reveal the information broken down by model. From this screen you can open the create firmware profile or start an upgrade job windows for the selected manufacturer and model.


From here, select a specific model to see the firmware versions currently running on cameras of that model, as well as the number of cameras running each version.


This may reveal that some versions are standard across your infrastructure, while others may have fallen behind and become outdated. From here you have the option to quickly define the compliance of different firmware versions by clicking on the compliance icon in the table.


In this window you can create a version-only profile by clicking on either the “Compliant” or “Non-Compliant” icons. In this way, repeating across the rest of your infrastructure, you can quickly define all the firmware versions that should or should not be running on your cameras. 

These choices will then be leveraged in calculating the “Compliance Status” of your cameras, which can be seen in the “Firmware->Compliance” subtab. Note: Compliance Status may not be updated until after the next send of data is processed.


Account Summary Report

For our Private Realm partners, you now have access to the Account Summary Report. This report lists all your accounts, along with their number of Streams, Cameras, Access Controllers, Servers, Switches and IoT Devices as well as the associated realm or sub-realm and current product policy. This report can be used to keep track of all of your accounts and the billing associated with each one.



Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Adjusting your notification settings in a lower context no longer produces an error message.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

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