FAQ: Why is my device blocked from upgrade jobs?

When attempting to select devices from the Job Selection window, you may have devices with the "not" symbol where the selection box should be. These devices cannot be selected for inclusion in an upgrade job. 


These devices are ineligible for one of the following reasons:

  • The agents managing this device do not have correct login credentials or do not support this kind of device.
  • The device is already included in an active or pending upgrade job and, to avoid conflicts, is ineligible for additional upgrade jobs until it completes or the other upgrade job is cancelled. 
  • The device is already running the firmware version associated with the selected profile.
  • The device is unreachable. 



To determine the specific reason a device is ineligible for upgrade, hover over the "disabled" symbol with your cursor. This will pop-up an explanation for why Viakoo is preventing you from including the device.

It doesn't work even with the correct credentials

Even though you gave the correct credentials for the device in the ViakooCA's Password Manager, it still shows the device as ineligible. What could be wrong? 

First, validate that your camera is on the supported list for CFUM. If not, contact your Viakoo Sales Representative to determine if it is on the roadmap for support and when it might be available.

Second, if your camera manufacturer is on the supported list, verify with support@viakoo.com that you have the correct version of Viakoo agents installed that include the driver for your camera.

Third, if it is a Pelco camera (see below). 

If you are still having trouble after following the above steps, contact support@viakoo.com to schedule a trouble-shooting session.

Pelco Camera Support

Firmware Upgrade for Pelco cameras is only available through the ONVIF API. If you’ve properly added your Pelco camera's credentials in the ViakooCA console, this probably means that ONVIF has not been enabled for your camera OR that your VMS is using the native Pelco drivers, implicitly disabling the ONVIF interface. 

To correct this, log into your Pelco camera and enable ONVIF support. If ONVIF is enabled, make sure your VMS is using the ONVIF driver and not the native Pelco driver. 

If your VMS was setup to use the native driver, reconfigure the recording of this camera in your VMS to use the ONVIF driver instead. Depending on your VMS, you should be able to change the driver associated with a camera directly in the VMS management console. Some VMS's may require you to edit the configuration files directly. Consult your VMS documentation for information on the best ways to reconfigure a camera's driver.

Before making any change, disable any streaming from this device. Then, modify the driver to use ONVIF according to your VMS documentation.

Once the VMS has been reconfigured to use the ONVIF driver for the camera, verify the credentials are correctly added in the Viakoo CA and then do a “Trigger Send.” This should do a fresh collection of data from the device, including a test of the camera to verify Viakoo is able to login to the camera. If successful, the cloud will now see that it is capable of upgrading the device and will allow its selection in upgrade jobs.

If you are still having trouble, send a message to support@viakoo.com.

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