Moving the ViakooCA to a new server

If you need to designate a different server as the communications agent for a site, the procedure is very simple.


1. Copy this file from the old CA server: 

        C:\Program Files\Viakoo\Video Network Navigator CA\apache-tomcat-7.0.65\bin\collectoragent.db


2. Download a copy of the RA and CA installer files from this website (one copy of each): 


3. Move the RA installer onto your new server.

4. Right click the RA installer file and "run as administrator"

5. Move the CA installer to your new CA server.

6. Right click on the CA installer and "run as administrator"

7. Paste the file you copied in step 1. into this directory 

       C:\Program Files\Viakoo\Video Network Navigator CA\apache-tomcat-7.0.65\bin

8. If the new CA server has a different IP address than the old server you will need to add this to the list of read agents (RA) in the CA console here: http://localhost:10101
Adding RAs to the CA is documented in this article;
You will also need to remove the old CA host entry from that list.  Just click the trash can icon on the right side of the entry line. 


9. Wait 25 minutes for the CA to collect, process and transmit data to the cloud.

10. Open the viakoo dashboard and delete the the old CA server from the site.



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