Release Notes 2.21 (March 15th, 2019)


Viakoo Release Notes 2.21

(March 15th, 2019)

Viakoo Release 2.21 is an incremental step forward for the Viakoo Service with new reports and improvements to make it easier for people to track infrastructure and upgrades. Additionally, this release makes available Firmware Update manager as an independent product offering, allowing people to purchase Camera Firmware Update Manager without having to also purchase service assurance. Finally, Release 2.21 contains support for NAS shares and numerous other enhancements and fixes. Some of these enhancements require upgrades to corresponding agents.

For more information, please read below for details.

Camera Firmware Upgrade Manager Only

In Release 2.21, customers can purchase a CFUM Only subscription which gives them full access to the Firmware updating tools but no other part of Viakoo.



The offering comes in two flavors:

  • CFUM_ONLY: Enables compliance checks and unlimited firmware upgrades
  • CFUM_LITE: Enables compliance checks only. Firmware upgrades disabled.

If you have the latter, and don’t have purchased credits, when you go to upgrade devices, you will not be allowed to select any devices to upgrade.


If you see this, contact your Viakoo sales representative to enable your Viakoo instance for upgrades.


Upgrade Statistics

For Camera Firmware Update Manager, there is now an ongoing count of how many successful upgrades have been completed. To view your current counts, navigate to the “Upgrade Jobs” of the “Firmware” tab.


These counts only incremented and are not affected by deleting infrastructure.

Site Reports

In Release 2.21, Site Tables are available as a “Site Report” from the Reports tab. The Site Report lists all sites and includes device counts, product policies and status information, providing full visibility across complex infrastructures.

Furthermore, the Site Report is available for Realm-level users to better support their customers.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) Storage Support

Release 2.21 now supports NAS shares in Windows 2012 servers and beyond. Because of security constraints on windows systems, users will have to configure their Recorders to permit the ViakooRA to see these shares.

Refer to the article Configuring Systems for ViakooRA Visibility of NAS Shares.

This will allow Viakoo to monitor IO activity, status and retention in these kinds of network attached shares. This extra configuration is only needed for users mounting NAS partitions on recording servers to store video data. It is not necessary for iSCSI mounted partitions or direct attached storage.

NOTE: NAS Share support requires agent version of 4501 or higher. Contact your Viakoo Support representative to make sure you are running the correct version for NAS Share support.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Spurious access controllers no longer show up on video recording servers. This problem also requires Agents at version 4514 or greater.
  • Exports of Upgrade Jobs now includes the firmware profile name and id.
  • Thresholds are now opening tickets of the correct severity level.
  • Operations Reports no longer include information on deleted infrastructure.
  • All server associated events now display in the Events tab when in the context of the server alone.
  • Compliance checks are no longer case sensitive for model names.
  • Upgrade status counts associated with firmware profiles are now calculated correctly.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

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