Mobotix MX Supported Features

Mobotix cameras have unique abilities to not only be used as source video systems recording to NVRs and DVRs, they can be configured to be standalone systems, recording to in camera storage or directly to block storage systems available in their network. If configured into the Viakoo agents with credentials as explained in Activating Mobotix Cameras, Viakoo Agents collect significantly more information both as properties and performance variables that are useful in diagnosing issues associated with Mobotix devices.

This document outlines the additional fields that are collected:

Additional Mobotix Cameras Properties

The following extra fields will show up for properly configured Mobotix devices. Not all devices and all versions of Mobotix software support all these fields. 

Field Value Description
Actions  <string> Set actions on events
Active Clients</td>    
Additional IP Address <IP Address>  
Age Limit <days> Maximum Data Retention
Arming enabled/disabled  
Automatic Camera Selection <setting>  
Automatic Contrast <setting>  
Average Brightness <value>  
Backlight Correction <value>  
Bandwidth Available / Total usage <values>  
Blocks To sync / Transferred / Lost <counts>  
Blocks To sync / Transferred / Lost</td>


Blue Balance <setting>  
Blue Balance</td> <setting>  
BOOTP/DHCP <setting>  
Brightness <setting>  
Broadcast IP Address  
Broadcast</td> IP Address  
Buffer Usage / Capacity left <%>/<quantity>  
Buttons <config>  
Capacity Internal / Archive <byte sizes>  
Color Profile <setting>  
Color Saturation <setting>  
Date and Time</td> <epoch time>  
Default Route <settings>  
DNS Server IP Address  
Driver Version <string> Firmware Version
Event Frame Rate <setting>  
Events <setting>  
Exposure Mode <setting>  
Exposure Weighting


Factory IP Address <setting>  
File System <setting>   
Flash Wear <setting>   
Hardware <setting>   
Hardware Gains (G R B) <setting>   
Image Properties <setting>   
Image Quality <setting>   
Image Sensor <setting>   
Internal PIR Level <setting>   
IP Address</td> <setting>   
IsMissing <setting>   
IsPingable <setting>   
Last availability <setting>   
Last Check of Time Server <setting>   
Line Frequency <setting>   
Link Speed and Duplex <setting>   
Listening Ports <setting>   
Max Temporary Buffer Usage <setting>   
Max. Time Server Offset <setting>   
Maximum Size  <setting>  
Microphone  <setting>  
Mirror and Rotation  <setting>  
Network Mask <IP Mask>  
Noise Filtering  <setting>  
Online  <setting>  
Rec. Dead Time  <setting>  
Rec. Time After Event  <setting>  
Rec. Time After Stop Event  <setting>  
Rec. Time Before Event  <setting>  
Recording Frame Rate  <setting>  
Recording Mode  <setting>  
RecordingPath  <setting>  
Red Balance  <setting>  
Retrigger Recnrding Events  <setting>  
Retrigger Recording Events  <setting>  
Sequences </td>  <setting>  
Serial Number  <setting>  
Sharpness  <setting>  
Speaker  <setting>  
Start Recording Events  <setting>  
Statistics</td>  <setting>  
Status Reason  <setting>  
Stop Recording Events  <setting>  
Time Server IP(s)  <setting>  
Time table control  <setting>  
Type  <setting>  
Type / Path  <setting>  
White Balance Weighting  <setting>  
Your Browser  <setting>  
Your IP Address <IP Address>  
Your User Name  <user id>  
Zeroconf  <setting>  


Additional Mobotix Performance Types

On the Performance Tab, properly configured Mobotix devices have the following:

Category  Performance Type Units
CAMERA: Active clients: live count
CAMERA: Active clients: playback count
CAMERA: Ambient temperature

degrees Celius

CAMERA: Current exposure time(ms) milliseconds
CAMERA: Current usage percent
CAMERA: Current usagepercentage percent
CAMERA: Date and Time days
CAMERA: Illumination lux
CAMERA: Internal pir level percent
CAMERA: Lost event images count
CAMERA: Newest sequence age milliseconds
CAMERA: Pir level percent
CAMERA: Sequences count
CAMERA: Statistics: collisions percent
CAMERA: Statistics: dropped percent
CAMERA: Temporary buffer usage percent
CAMERA: Uptime days


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