Viakoo PhoneApp Release Notes 3.0


Viakoo PhoneApp Release Notes 3.0

(December 13th, 2018)

Release 3.0 is significant improvement to the Viakoo App for Android and IOS. It better supports the latest platforms and has specific enhancements to support users in the field. Notable new features are Viakoo OnPremises Support, full support server and site details, including visibility to all components viewable in Viakoo Web UI, but also visibility to Access Control & IoT Devices.

This release of the PhoneApp includes support for the latest Android & IOS platforms. For more information, please read below for details.

Viakoo OnPremises Support

Viakoo PhoneApp 3.0 now has a way to connect to a different source than the Viakoo cloud (it’s default setting). This enables Viakoo OnPremises users to point the Viakoo PhoneApp at their own instance of Viakoo, thereby allowing them to have the benefits of Viakoo on their phone.

To change this setting, click on the “Settings” icon on the base of the Viakoo app. Make sure you are logged out and are not running the PhoneApp demo. Then click the Viakoo_PhoneApp_OnPrem_Settings_Button.png icon in the lower right corner. You will be given the option of entering a URL or IP address for where to locate your Viakoo OnPremises API server.


NOTE: your phone must have access to the Viakoo OnPremises service either through VPN or Wifi into your local network.  Consult with your IT Administrators for help.

After you have entered the correct URL for your Viakoo API server, click “Save”. Now you will be able to login to your Viakoo OnPremises infrastructure.

Viakoo PhoneApp does not support Push Notifications for Viakoo OnPremises users.


Full Configuration Details

Details tab works in a similar way to the Viakoo Web UI. When you look at a Server Details, get some information but also an indicator of what subsystem or associated devices might be having issues. Clicking on the objects leads you to tabs of components or devices. Clicking on a tab will show you the list of items associated with the tab.


As with the Web UI, the Viakoo PhoneApp has “Issues Detected” indicators that can guide you to components or devices that are having trouble. All devices and components can now be located this way.

This new capability also includes Access Controllers and IoT Devices as well.



Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Release 3.0 now uses the same colors associated with KPI severity levels.
  • Release 3.0 now allows users to “claim-and-close” a ticket in one step as in the WebUI.
  • Release 3.0 now supports in-app notifications in case push notification arrives while the app is open.
  • KPIs in Navigation views should only appear for VIAKOO_PREDICTIVE customers.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

1 (855) 585-3400

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