Activating Lenel Access Control Application

This article explains how to add the Access Control application for Lenel only. You will need Remote desktop to each Lenel Comm Server and the Viakoo CA Console. 

In the CA Console, open 'Set VMS Credentials' by clicking on the top-right hamburger icon: 


Choose a server to be your Lenel communication server at this site, and then click “Database Configuration”. 


Then enter the Lenel Database info (SQL Server):

  • Type in the login name and password to the SQL Server
  • Type in the IP Address is the IP address of SQL Server, if you have a database instance name, the format is IP_ADDRESS\INSTANCE_NAME.
  • Type in the port number on SQL server for Lenel database instance in the Port field

Once you click 'Submit', you should be done. 

To verify, navigate to the Viakoo web-based Dashboard, find a stream table, and check to see if camera names and other stream configuration information have been populated. 

Note: you may have to wait until a polling cycle is complete. You can always trigger one by hitting the 'Trigger Send' button on the home page of the CA Console. 

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