Release Notes 2.19 (August 13th, 2018)


Viakoo Release Notes 2.19

(August 13th, 2018)

Viakoo Release 2.19 is an incremental step forward for Viakoo Service. In this release, we lay the groundwork for some future features and add special support for Mobotix cameras, providing extra performance variables and attributes useful in managing these cameras that may not be integrated with 3rd party VMS software. There is also a special export data function for performance charts which allow you to do your own custom analysis and generate your own custom reports. We also improved performance and corrected a few issues outlined below.


Extended Mobotix Camera Support

Mobotix Cameras, in addition to being able to serve video streams to traditional 3rd party VMS and NVR platforms, can also orchestrate their own recording regime from within the camera. For configurations of Mobotix cameras without a centralized video recording server, Viakoo Release 2.19 now supports configurations of Mobotix cameras that manage their video stream recording individually.

With 2.19, Mobotix cameras can be monitored for video recording uptime, retention and a broad array of configuration and performance variables. This includes standard camera attributes of days of retention, frame rate and resolution as well as Mobotix unique values of ambient temperature, camera settings and many more.  

Depending on the model of Mobotix camera, Viakoo agents will collect these parameters and they will appear as additional columns in camera tables (use table “Settings->Show/Hide” feature to display), camera reports, camera table exports and camera performance types.

Viakoo Reader Agents (VRA) will not automatically discover Mobotix cameras that are self-managing their recordings. Instead, you must identify them with a special Mobotix configuration file. (Refer to article “Activating Standalone Mobotix Cameras in Viakoo”)

This special Mobotix support requires Viakoo agents greater than 4217.

Performance Data Exports

New in Release 2.19, users now have the ability to export-to-CSV the data that gets rendered in performance charts. This can allow users to extract performance data into their own spreadsheets, combine with exports of device tables, et cetera and create pivots and charts useful in all kinds of custom analysis or reports.


Look for the “Export” or “Download” iconExport_to_CSV_icon.png

to the right of any graph on the Performance tab. Clicking on this icon will download a comma-separated-variable file that includes rows for each data point in the associated graph.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Volumes now display formatted allocation units
  • Threshold Fixes
    • Exporting a threshold table to CSV now works.
    • Thresholds no longer fire erroneously
  • Camera failures due to down switches now properly suppress opening their own tickets.
  • “Pending Reboot” tickets no longer auto-close erroneously.
  • A problem that prevented the events tab from working properly from the context of a server has now been fixed.
  • A problem that would periodically cause a site with no real issues to have a failed status. This issue has now been corrected.
  • Removable USB drives (a.k.a., “thumb drives”) are now detected and display by the system. They do not open tickets when they are added or removed by default.
  • Some sites with switch tables were not displaying properly in the Details tab. This problem has been fixed.
  • Multi-Stream cameras are now properly generating tickets when all streams fail.
  • Issues with modifying thresholds has now been fixed.
  • Creating manual tickets without a recommended action now works properly.
  • User defined threshold tickets now properly affect the status the associated device or object.
  • Cameras recording to multiple servers now properly open tickets when all streams have failed.
  • More information

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