Release Notes 2.18.1 (July 23rd, 2018)


Viakoo Release Notes 2.18.1

(July 23rd, 2018)

Viakoo Release 2.18.1 is an incremental step forward for the Viakoo Service. In this release, we laid the foundation for some future improvements coming later next month. We also improved performance and corrected a few issues outlined below.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Volumes now display formatted allocation units

  • Threshold Fixes

    • Exporting a threshold table to CSV now works.
    • Thresholds no longer fire erroneously
  • Camera failures due to down switches now properly suppress opening their own tickets.
  • “Pending Reboot” tickets no longer auto-close erroneously.
  • A problem that prevented the events tab from working properly from the context of a server has now been fixed.
  • A problem that would periodically cause an “Okay” site to have “FAILED” for hover text has now been corrected.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

1 (855) 585-3400

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