I'm not receiving emailed alerts or reports from Viakoo

Viakoo needs the ability to send email users for the following purposes:

  • Resetting username through the ‘Forgot Password’ mechanism
  • Enabling email alerts when certain tickets are generated
  • Receiving the automatic Daily Status Report
  • Notifications for ticket workflow changes

So you aren't receiving email alerts or push notifications, and you know failure and critical tickets are being generated. There could be a number of email related cases that can contribute to you not getting the right information at the right time. In all cases, it has to do with one of the following issues:


Verify your administrator has the right email address

  • Try to log into the web portal or the phone app.
  • If this is successful, then the email address is entered correctly. 

Once this is completed, proceed to next step. 


Verify preference settings in My Profile

Let's first go make sure that notification and alerts are actually set up properly. 

Go to:

  • Click on your name in the upper right hand side to bring up the admin menu
  • Go to My Profile
  • Make sure Email Alerts and/or push notifications are enabled.
  • Note: if push notifications only, please log into the phone application and got to Settings to ensure they are enabled there as well.
  • Check to see if the checkbox are checked

If your Notifications window looks similar to the above, and you are still note receiving them, please take a look at the next step 


Verify email is not being sent to your SPAM folder

The notifications via email are sent from a general service email vnn.admin@viakoo.com. Because this email address is generated by a service, sometimes spam filters catch its emails and redirected them to your spam folder. 

If you've checked your spam and it's not there, go to the next step.


Put "vnn.admin@viakoo.com" into approved sender contacts list.

This is especially important for Gmail users. Maybe your email is server is not even redirecting them to spam, and being dismissed entirely. We suggest that you manually add our email address to your senders list.  

  • some email systems will automatically "whitelist" a senders address for you if you send an email to them/it. 

Note for Google Mail users

If you are not receiving emails and you happen to be using Google Mail as your email service, then proceed with the following step:

  • add admin@viakoo.com to your contacts to prevent Google-for-Work from filtering the emails.

If none of these suggestions fix the problem, please contact your email administrator and let them know of the issue.



Make sure push notifications are enabled for your phone

Some phones will disable notifications for apps on your phone. 

In the case of Android, follow these steps:

  1. Click or tap Apps > Settings > MORE
  2. Click or tap Application manager > DOWNLOADED
  3. Click or tap your Viakoo app 
  4. Click or tap Show notifications to enable or disable push notifications.


In the case of iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Notifications
  3. Scroll down to the Viakoo app
  4. Make sure Allow Notifications is turned on
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