Using Viakoo with ONSSI v5.0 and greater

Instructions for Using Viakoo with ONSSI v5.x

For ONSSI customers using versions prior to 5.0 (i.e., 4.x or earlier), Viakoo Agents automatically extracted the VMS configuration for video streams such as name, resolution, frame-rate, codec, et cetera.

Starting in release v5.0, ONSSI converted to a new architecture from SeeTech, which requires a special extraction utility called VMS_ConfigurationExport. You need to run this utility every time the recording configuration changes on each recorder such as number of cameras, frame-rate, stream name, et cetera, changes.

If you are on ONSSI v5.+ and don’t have the VMS_ConfigurationExport utility installed, contact your ONSSI support person to get the utility to get the most value from your Viakoo service.

The utility to extract the configuration is found at

C:\Program Files\SeeTec\tools\ConfigurationExport\VMS_ConfigurationExport.exe

Run this utility from a command line prompt with elevated privileges (as administrator) by entering the following commands:

cd c:

cd C:\Program Files\Onssi\tools\configuration export  (this may not be the exact location depending on if OnSSi v5 was a new install or upgraded from an older version of Ocularis.   Some users report this may be the location   c:\program files\onssi\ocularis recorder\tools\configuration export

these next two lines are a one line command
VMS_ConfigurationExport.exe host:{Master_Core_IP} port:60000 user:admin pass:admin path:"C:\Program Files\Viakoo\OnSSI" file:configExp.xlsx

(entries in green will need custom data entered for the site)


You can check and see if this worked by looking in this directory

C:\Program Files\Viakoo\OnSSI

for a file named configExp.xlsx


If you do not know the master_core_IP or the port number to access the database it can be found in this file:

C:\Program Files\OnSSI\Ocularis Recorder\conf\va.conf


 The last step is to configure the credentials for the VMS in the Viakoo CA console. If you need help with this here is the article to assist you: Adding credentials to the CA console

Make sure you are running the latest RA version with the OnSSI v5.x support included (version 3330). You can determine a Recorder’s agent version-level by checking the agents version in the Recorder’s Details tab. If you are not running a version with this agent configuration, contact your nearest Viakoo representative.


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