I'm not getting Push Notifications on my device

If installed the Viakoo Phone Application and were expecting push notifications to your mobile device but have not been receiving them, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. You haven't turned on Push Notifications associated with your account, or
  2. The device isn't registered with the Viakoo service.

This article takes you through the process to make sure you do receive push notifications to your device.

Turning On Push Notifications

You can check your current settings from your Viakoo Phone App by clicking on the "Settings" icon at the base of your Viakoo App.

This will take you to the "Settings" pane in your phone app.

To enable Push Notifications, simply select one or more of the Push Notification selectors to activate Push Notifications.


You should now start receiving Push Notifications for the selected infrastructure.


My Device Isn't Registered with Viakoo

What if I just checked and my Push Notifications are turned on but I'm still not receiving any Push Notifications?

This can happen for two reasons:

  1. You are using a new device or second device that hasn't been registered.
  2. You enabled push-notifications from the web-UI and not your device. This can be done from the "My Profile" pane off of the administration menu (see below).

When this is done from the web as opposed from your phone, the service thinks you've turned it on but the necessary handshake from your device to the service hasn't been accomplished. It will even show that push-notifications for the associated subscription is enabled which can be confusing.

For security purposes, your device must be the one to initiate push notifications at least once for the device to be registered with service. Also, this has to be repeated if you cancel the registration either by disabling all push-notifications from the application or disabling push-notifications from your devices preferences settings. 

Specifically, what this means is that you will not receive push notifications until you establish or re-establish your device's relationship with our service.

NOTE: We are working to prevent you from being able to set this preference from the Web-UI when you don't have a registered device to avoid getting into this situation. Unfortunately, this is not yet available in a production release of the service.

Re-Registering Your Device

To establish a connection between your mobile device and our service, simply navigate to the "Settings" page on your Viakoo PhoneApp. 

From there, you should see your current configured settings, which could be for one or more subscriptions you may have to the service. In the example below, the "Settings" screen shows that push notifications are enabled for two subscriptions, one for "Acme Widget Co" and another for "Acme Sprocket Co." However, because these settings were done from the web-UI, the device itself is not yet registered and push-notifications cannot yet be received by the device.

To register your device with the service in this situation, simply turn-off one of the "Enabled" Push Notification settings, ...


.. and then turn it back on to re-enable Push Notifications to your device.


This will force your device to be registered with the Viakoo service and you should start receiving push notifications.

If you have any questions, click on the "Talk to our Experts" button at the base of the web user interface to the Viakoo service. 


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