Release Notes 2.4 (January 25th, 2016)

Viakoo Release Notes 2.4

(January 25th, 2016)

Viakoo Release 2.4 is an incremental step forward for the Viakoo Service. Most of the improvements are in the form of bug fixes or performance improvements. There are a few key features requested by customers. Specifically, enforcement of Product Policies, enhancement to Roles, a new Per-Stream Storage Usage view in the Retention Tab, improved navigation on Device Tables, and initial support for Access Control.

Product Policies

Release 2.4 now enforces product viewing policies which are defined as follows:

  • Viakoo PennyAlert customers will now only see Overview and Ticket tabs for their infrastructure.
  • Viakoo Basic customers will see Overview, Tickets and Details tabs.
  • Viakoo Enterprise customers continue to have the same user experience as before.

To view your current product policy settings, go to the "Company Management" option off of the main, upper-right administration menu. There, you will see your Product Policy settings for your Company, Regions and Sites. If you would like to change your settings, either upgrade or downgrade, contact your Viakoo support representative or partner.

Changes to Roles

In Release 2.4, we’ve added a new role and adjusted roles to meet intended use case scenarios as follows:

  • Administrator -  is for video network administrators, team leads and managers. This role has permission to add & remove users, claim or assign tickets, and edit or remove items from the configuration.
  • Staff - is for team members that need to claim or assign tickets, and edit or remove items from the configuration. These permissions are similar to those granted to Administrators, with the exception that they are NOT allowed to add or remove other users.
  • Member - is for temporary or contracted team members. These individuals are able to view infrastructure but not modify the configuration. Moreover, they are only able to see and modify Tickets that they have been assigned to.  Note, this is a change from prior releases. To smooth the transition, users of role, Member, have been migrated to role, Staff, as part of the introduction of this release. If you have a team member currently given Staff permissions that you would like to be constrained to the role, Member, you can reassign them to a role, Member, in the User Administration pane.

Per-Stream Storage Summary

In Release 2.4, we’ve enhanced the Retention tab by adding a “Stream Usage” view option. This option will display the amount of storage currently on disk that is associated with each of the video camera streams we are detecting. To use this feature, go to a recording server and click on the “Retention” tab. You will see the new “Stream Usage” option shown below:


To see storage associated with streams, click the stream usage checkbox. A drop down will appear allowing you to select one or more video streams to display.


Alternatively, you can select several or all of your video streams recording to that server and get a sorted view of how your storage is being used.

This view is helpful when identifying cameras that are using far more or far less storage than you expect. This can be the result of a misconfiguration of the camera stream (i.e., wrong frame rate, codec or resolution), too much motion or obstruction in view of the lense, premature deletion of data, or extended periods where stream recording was disrupted.


Device Overview Panes & Device Table Links

In Release 2.0, we added a link in camera and stream tables to the associated devices.


In Release 2.4 we’ve added a link in the name field of the Camera or Stream that takes you to the associated Camera or Stream overview page in Viakoo. This overview page is useful for viewing more specific details about a device, including the events and any open tickets that are currently associated with that device.


Support for Access Control Systems

Since many of our users are responsible for both Access Control systems as well as Video Surveillance, in this release, we’ve enabled our service to monitor and alert on Access Control systems. The service works much the same way as for Video Systems in that you only need to install the Reader Agent (RA) on your AC servers, and Viakoo’s agents auto discover your configuration. In this first release, beyond monitoring the hosting server, it will also monitor the health of the Access Control application processes with special alerts for the critical process.  To view the current status of your Access Control application, navigate to the associated server’s Details tab:



In this initial release, IP connected Master and Door Controllers will show up as devices in the servers “Devices” Camera table. In subsequent releases, look for separate “Controller” and “Reader” tables.

Check the Viakoo website to determine whether your Access Control system is currently supported. To find out when or how your Access Control system can be supported, contact your Viakoo Representative or send us email at


Problems Corrected in Release 2.4

  • The new graphing engine added in Release 2.0 had a bug where if the data associated with a selected performance graph didn’t fill the entire range of the chosen To-From dates, the graph would zoom to match the date range of the available data. In Release 2.4, performance graphs will now properly display the selected date range. This should make it easier to identify when things happened, especially if you are comparing multiple graphs at the same time.
  • In Release 2.4, the titles for KPI charts on the Overview page now properly display above their associated charts.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

1 (855) 585-3400


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