High Availability Mode (HA) - recording one camera on two or more recorders

Advanced VMS configurations may have two or more servers recording streams from the same camera.  This is called High Availability recording because it is designed to make sure video still gets recorded even if there is a failure that affects the recording to a single server.  

High-Availability requires complex configuration setup, more sophisticated software as well as duplicated infrastructure costs to handle it. In return for all this extra effort and expense, users get a higher level of assurance that critical video streams will be recorded.

If high availability mode is running at a site, it is important to also declare this in Viakoo so that our system can best support you. You do this by setting the "High Availability" (HA) property for cameras in your Site's Camera Table which is located in the Details tab for your site. When you find your Camera Table, look for the "High Availability" column to see how your cameras are currently configured. To change these values to the appropriate configuration, Administrators can click the "Edit Cameras" button in the upper right corner of the Camera Table. 

The possible values for this property are as follows:

  • None [default]
  • Active-Active
  • Active-Passive

None - This setting tells the Viakoo service that the associated camera is not expected to be recording simultaneously to more than one server. Viakoo creates a Warning ticket if we detect that more than one server is recording a stream from this camera. This is because it is often a mistaken configuration and can create problems. Less powerful cameras can easily become overloaded if it is tasked with pulling multiple video streams. It can also challenge network capacity as well as storage capacity surveillance networks when extra, unintentional streams are being recorded. Note: this is not affected by multi-stream cameras recording all their streams to the same server or viewing streams which are not enabled for recording.

Active-Active - This setting tells Viakoo that the camera has been intentionally configured for high availability recording to multiple servers simultaneously. Each video stream is considered required so any loss of service on ANY stream from this camera will generate a "stream not recording" ticket for the respective stream. 

Active-Passive - This setting tells Viakoo that the camera has been intentionally configured to record to an "active" primary server but is also set up to failover its recording to a hot standby server in the case of failure. Therefore, it is normal behavior to have one, but not all video streams for an Active-Passive configuration to be recording. Only a loss of service on ALL streams from this camera will generate a "stream not recording" ticket. 

If you have any questions concerning your configuration, click on "Talk to our experts!" at the bottom of every screen in the Viakoo service.

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