Advanced Filtering of Ticket Lists

To make it easier to deal with large numbers of tickets, Viakoo offers a variety of ways to sort and filter your ticket list. This article covers the Advanced filters, for Basic ticket filtering click  here.

To bring up the Advanced filtering features, click on the “Advanced Filters” link shown below.

“Advanced Filters” expands the basic filtering capability to include:

  • Date Range filtering
  • Keyword filtering


Due to the complex nature of the Advanced Ticket Filtering mechanism, the ticket list will not update until you click the “Get Tickets” button, allowing you time to set and adjust the filters to your liking. The ticket list will also update if you change any of the Basic filters in the top row, so make sure you have the Advanced Filters set the way you want before adjusting any of the Basic filters.

Date Range Filtering

The Date Range option gives users the ability to filter down to only those tickets which were created (opened) in the selected window of time.

For example, if the date filter is used in conjunction with “Closed” ticket status, it would be only those tickets that were opened within the date range AND are currently Closed. If “Assigned To” is set to “Myself” AND the ticket status was “All”, it would be all the tickets currently assigned to “me” that were opened in the date range window regardless of whether they are currently open or closed.

As with other data-range selectors in Viakoo, the Advanced Filters have a pull-down list of preset ranges relative to the current date, in addition to the ability to set a “Custom” range:

  • Today - every ticket that was created on today’s date.
  • Week - every ticket that was created within the last 7 days.
  • Month - every ticket created after the same day of the previous month.
  • Quarter - every ticket created after the same day 3 months ago.
  • Custom - every ticket created between the selected “Date From” and “Date To” fields.


Keyword Filtering

Advanced Filters also has an ability to filter the list of tickets based on a set of keywords which correspond to various ticket fields, followed by a phrase which is used as a search criteria. This gives users a significant degree of flexibility on how to filter their ticket lists.

Format of Keyword Filtering

Keyword filtering is done with the user entering one a keyword (enumerated below), followed by a ‘:’ (colon) and then a string of characters to match:


When you click on “Get Tickets,” the system will filter the ticket list to just those tickets where the entered string is present in the associated field corresponding to the keyword.  

Available Keywords

The following is the list of legal keywords to enter in the keyword filter:

  • company - filter by company name
  • site - filter by site name
  • component - filter by device name such as server, switch, camera or stream name
  • priority - filter by ticket priority which can be FAILURE, CRITICAL, ELEVATED, or MINOR
  • ticket - filter by ticket id #


The keyword must be spelled correctly, but is not case sensitive (component and Component both work). The search string is also not case sensitive, and can be a full or partial match to the desired field.

Some examples of how this can work, are as follows:


  1. Entering “Company:Acme Sprocket” will get a list of tickets associated with that company.
  2. Entering “site:San” may get all your tickets from your “San Francisco” site but also all your tickets from your “Santa Clara” site as well.
  3. Entering “component:HP” will get you all the tickets from your HP servers.
  4. Entering “component:Lobby” will get you all the tickets from your lobby cameras.
  5. Entering “priority:CRITICAL” will get you only your CRITICAL tickets.
  6. Entering “ticket:1234” will get you any ticket that has that string of numbers (“1234”) anywhere in its ticket id. For example, 123456789 and 540012349 would both be matched.


Keep in mind the Advanced filters, date range and keyword, can be used in conjunction with the Basic filters, “Assigned To” and the ticket status, to further help you narrow your focus to those tickets that matter most. The resulting ticket list can then be sorted by creation date, time opened, priority, et cetera.

As with everything in Viakoo, if you have trouble using this feature please click on the “Talk to our experts!” button in the bottom right of every screen to contact Team Viakoo.


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