Basic Ticket Filtering

To make sense of ticket lists, Viakoo provides a variety of ways to filter and sort the ticket list to help you focus on what is most important to you at any point in time. If you navigate to the Tickets tab, you will see the following controls at the top of your ticket list view:

  • Select all - checkbox which allows to select all the tickets in the list to assign, accept or close.
  • Sort option - provides a predefined list of sorting options (outlined below)
  • Status filter - allows you to view All of your tickets, those that are currently “Open” (default) or those that have been “Closed”.
  • Assignment filter - allows to you filter the list based on how the tickets are assigned
  • Advanced filtering - explained in the Advanced Filtering article here.


Select All Checkbox

Next to each ticket in your ticket list, you have a checkbox which allows you to select 1 or more tickets. Selecting multiple tickets opens the bulk operation dialogue where you can “Assign” or “Close” all of the selected tickets at once. The “Select All” checkbox will select every ticket on the current page, allowing for bulk operations on those tickets.



Sort Option Pulldown

The pulldown to the upper left of the ticket window allows you to change the sorting of your ticket list. Expanding the pulldown will give you the following sorting options:

                   == >   

The different options sort your ticket list in the following way:

  • Last Updated (default) - Sorts the ticket list with the most recently updated tickets at the top
  • Priority - Sorts the ticket list with FAILURE tickets at the top, followed by CRITICAL, then ELEVATED, and finally MINOR tickets at the bottom.
  • Ticket # - Sorts the ticket list by the ticket # (ticket ID) with the largest numbers at the top.
  • Assign Status - Sorts the ticket list with the unassigned tickets at the top, followed by the the Assigned and finally the Accepted tickets.
  • Date Opened - Sorts the ticket list by the date the tickets were open with the most recently created tickets at the top.
  • Date Closed - Sorts the ticket list by the date the tickets were closed with the most recently closed tickets at the top.
  • Time Opened - Sorts the ticket list by the length of time a ticket has been in or was in, if the ticket has been closed, the Open state, with the tickets open the longest at the top.
  • Action Type - Sorts the ticket list by the problem type of each ticket. For example, all tickets associated with “Stream Down but Camera Still Pingable” will sort together, even if they are from different cameras or different sites.

Clicking on the sorting icon to the right of the pulldown reverses the sort order of whatever option is selected.

Assigned To Pulldown

To filter the ticket list by assignment status, use the “Assigned To” pulldown.

From the “Assigned To” pulldown, you can filter the ticket list as follows:

  • All (default) - All the tickets regardless of assignment
  • Unassigned - Only those tickets that have yet to be assigned to anyone
  • Myself - Only those tickets that are assigned to you.
  • Others - Only those tickets that are assigned to other users.
  • Anyone - Every ticket that has been assigned to someone (i.e., all but unassigned tickets).


Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering of the ticket list will be covered in Advanced Ticket Filtering.

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