Missing Video from Live->Archive drive VMS configurations

Viakoo is a wonderfully automated system and can notify you of many issues through the ticketing system. However, some issues require that you use Viakoo as a diagnostic tool to really get to the heart of a problem.

One of those nasty little problems where everything looks like it is working and yet you are still missing video is a problem we've seen repeatedly with customers using Milestone or ONSSI Occularis VMS configurations that leverage "Live-to-Archive" recording.

As the customer reports it to us, everything seems to be working but they have a problem where they are frequently going to view the recorded video from the Archive volume, only to discover missing sections of video without any obvious explanation.

Milestone (and ONSSI platforms based on Milestone) has a Live/Archive recording feature that gives you the opportunity to use faster, high-RPM or SSD drives to record live video for performance and then move the data periodically to more cost-effective archive media. 

The way these systems work is that video data flowing from cameras are recorded in the fast, more expensive drives and then there is a automated mechanism that migrates this data over to the cheaper Archive volumes on some regular interval.

When we hear this from customers, and there are no obvious problems such as network congestion or CPU saturation, we next turn to investigate the Archiving frequency (how many times per day the data is migrated from the Live volumes to the Archive volumes) and observe how much data is getting written to the Live drive.

By default, many of these systems have an Archive Migration Frequency of once per day. And a LIVE data expiration time of once per day. If you navigate to the Performance tab, and bring up a performance chart on the "VOLUME: Write throughput" of the Live volume associated with the recorder having the problem. 

In the above example, you can see that the volume is absorbing at or above 38.15 MB a second throughout the day. That is almost 3.3TB per day. If the Live volume is under 3.3TB and the archive migration frequency and live data expiration time is 24 hours, you know have a problem.

Correct this problem by increasing the migration frequency. Off-load data from your Live drive more frequently. Reduce you live data expiration time so that it will fit the media and not get overwritten.

In the above example, we suggest increasing the frequency and expiration time to one hour to resolve the problem. 


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