Sorting Ticket Lists


Sorting ticket lists (also known as the "Ticket Table") uses a sorting control in the upper left of your ticket list.

Clicking on the dropdown menu opens up a list of criteria by which you can sort the Ticket List. Clicking on the selector next to the dropdown allows you to change between an ascending and a descending sort. The criteria that can be found in the dropdown are as follows:

  • Last Updated - Most recent date and time that new information was added to the ticket or it’s state was changed.
  • Priority - Defined severity level of the ticket: FAILURE, CRITICAL, ELEVATED, or MINOR
  • Ticket # - The unique numerical id associated with each ticket.
  • Assign Status - Current state of the ticket: CLOSED, ACCEPTED, ASSIGNED, or OPEN.
  • Date Opened - Date and time the ticket was created.
  • Date Closed - Date and time the ticket was closed
  • Time Open - The amount of time between when the ticket was opened and when it was closed.
  • Action Type - Sorts tickets of the same kind (type) together, independent of the device or location.


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