Company Management

The Company Management pane located tin the admin drop down menu allows you to access administrative information about your company. You can find items such as keys for company and regions. It also provides a nice overview of the structure of your company within Viakoo.  

In this article you can learn how to:



Find the keys

If you click on the “Company Management” option of the administrative menu,

you will get a window that will allow you to view your company’s organizational hierarchy within Viakoo.


Within the Company Administration panel, you can expand out or filter the view of all of your company’s hierarchy from the top row. You can expand out incrementally by clicking the “+” or “-” symbols to the left of your Company or Regions (Domains), or by clicking the global expand [ + ] which expands the entire tree or the global collapse [ - ] to reduce it back to just your company or companies.

This screen is useful to quickly find site activation keys for your company or any Regions (Domains) you may have.



Rename Companies, Sites, and Regions

Note: For Administrators only

Click the  button on each line gives Administrators a mechanism to rename or delete the corresponding piece of their infrastructure (e.g. your company has a new name, or a particular site is no longer active and you wish to remove it).


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