Editing Your Profile and Alert Preferences

In this article, the following will be discussed:


To access 'My Profile':

  1. Go to upper right and click on your username to bring up the admin drop down. 
  2. Select 'My Profile'


Which brings up the following view:



 Changing Password

To change you password, simply click the  link to initiate the process. You will be taken to this screen to set your new password:

Note: You must know your old password to change the password to a new one.

If you have forgotten your password, you must go to the login page and click below the login form. 


Editing Contact Information

Click the button to start editing your contact information. Here, you can add or change your first and last name, as well as you phone number. 

This comes in handy when someone on your team needs to contact you so be sure to take this step. 

After you enter your information int he fields, click , on the far right-hand side, or if you decide not to change your contact information.


 Configuring Notifications and Alerts

If you would like to learn more about what kind of tickets Viakoo alerts on by default, please visit this article here. 

There are two ways you can receive alerts for tickets:

  • Push notifications to your phone through the smartphone app
  • Email alerts through your favorite email client

By default, all tickets that are at priority CRITICAL or FAILURE are alert level tickets. Read Custom Notifications article to learn how to modify these default settings.


To access enable email or push notifications from the Web Dashboard

Go to:


  1. Admin menu by clicking on username in upper right
  2. Go to 'My Profile'
  3. In 'My Profile', scroll down to the 'Notifications' table. 


In the 'Notifications' table, you will see both the 'Email Alerts' and 'Push Notifications' check boxes to click. 

For the email alerts, when you check the box, you will see a pop up window appear.


Just click 'Proceed' in order to set your Preferences. 


Settings from the smartphone app

In the app, look in the lower right for the  icon. 

This will bring up the menu where you can choose to enable email alerts or push notifications. The menu should look like this:

Any changes you will make in the phone app, it will also change the preferences when you log into the web dashboard. 


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