Release Notes 2.0 (October 4th, 2015)

Viakoo Release Notes 2.0

(October 4th, 2015)


Viakoo Release 2.0 is a significant step forward for the Viakoo Service in terms of capability and usability. There are new dimensions to the user experience all over the service but the most significant improvements (outlined below) are in the ticketing system, performance and retention.

Upgrade to the Viakoo Web User Interface

The most dramatic change is in the User Interface (UI) itself, which has been completely overhauled to make it cleaner, faster, and more effective for users as well  as providing better support for  older versions of Internet Explorer.

Browser Support

As always, it is recommended that you use the latest version of your browser of choice as browser manufacturers are constantly fixing security holes in their products. We test with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as Internet Explorer 10 and up.

Help Documentation

Off the user menu, you will now see a Help option which takes you to the Viakoo knowledge-base with fresh documentation on how to take advantage of the service as well as useful tips and articles about trouble shooting difficult problems. 


Parallel Loading

Some of this speed is accomplished by loading different parts of each page in parallel. This makes each individual call smaller, and thus faster, as well as allowing the UI to display the parts that have finished loading even while other parts are still waiting for data to come back. The parts of the page that are still loading information will have a rotating set of arrows to indicate that they are waiting for data to come back.

This rotating icon will appear while the page is still loading.


Unique Page URLs

In Release 2.0 of Viakoo, the places you navigate to in your infrastructure will now have a unique URL. This means that you can now leverage browser controls to help you be more productive. For example you can now:

  • Use your browser to bookmark useful pages that you frequently visit
  • Use the “Back” and “Forward” buttons on your browser
  • Share a view with a colleague in email by including the URL

All of this works within the context of the Viakoo security mechanisms. If you share a link with someone, they still need to have Viakoo credentials and permission to view the associated information.

Keep in mind that any actions you’ve taken on the page, for example adding filters or opening a particular graph, are not included in the URL. For example, if you share a link to the performance tab for a particular server or site, the selected objects and performance types will not be the same.

Navigation Improvements

There were several improvements related to navigation. Specifically,

  • Breadcrumbs moved from the top banner to just above tabs
  • Ability to Hide/Show the left-side navigation bar
  • Fast Navigation (also known as GoAnywhere) has now works more reliability
  • New Advanced Search feature which allows refined search patterns and filtering of search results.

For more information, refer to the article on Getting Around: Navigation.

Ticketing User Interface Improvements

The ticketing user interface has undergone significant redesign. For a full description of Workflow and Ticketing, refer to the knowledge base section on Learn About Tickets. Some highlight areas are as follows:

Verbose Ticket Emails

New in this release, email notification of tickets contains more explicit information about the ticket. This includes more detailed location information as well as the problem description.

Users should be aware that this ticket information sent through email is in clear text and, as such, is less secure. By enabling email as your alerting mechanism, you are explicitly taking responsibility for this exposure.

You can enable email alerts by selecting “Email Alerts” from the “Notifications” section of either your “My Profile” page on the Viakoo Web Application, or your “Settings” page on the Viakoo Phone Application.

Table Improvements

As part of making Viakoo simpler and faster to use, we’ve revamped tables in Release 2.0. These are in two forms:

  • Consistent and easy ways to Expand or Collapse all tables in a Details pane.
  • A way of selectively Showing or Hiding columns from within a table.
  • Cameras or Stream IP addresses are now clickable links.
  • Camera and Stream tables are now displayed simultaneously.

“Clickable” Camera IP Addresses

In Release 2.0, IP addresses in the Stream and Camera tables will appear as active links. This does not work in all situations but does provide convenience for users wanting to verify issues related to cameras directly from the Viakoo interface. For more information, visit Clickable Links in Camera Tables.

Performance & Retention Tab Improvements

Overall, the new Performance tab provides a simpler, yet more powerful user experience. In addition to improvements in the visuals and how we fetch Performance data for the graphs, we have made the following specific improvements:

  • Global controls have been simplified to just a Date Range selector and the “Add a Graph” button.
  • The ability to individually select one or more devices to be plotted in a single view.
  • The ability to selectively hide or show individual plot-lines after a graph has been rendered
  • Switch-Ports are now a separate “Device Type” from Switches. Switch-Ports are still organized by Switch in the device selector, but now you can plot ports associated with separate switches within the same graph.

For more information on Performance and Retention Tabs, refer to the Performance View section of the Viakoo Knowledge Base.

Preferences & Administration Improvements

My Profile

The former “My Preferences” page has been improved and can now be found in the administrative menu under My Profile. For more information about viewing and setting preferences, go to Editing Your Profile and Alert Preferences.




Company Management

Site and Region management have been consolidated. You get to the Company Administration pane by clicking on the Company Management option of the administrative menu. 



For more information, refer to Company Management in the knowledge base.

Site-Level Contact Information

The Site details page has several optional contact fields, Site email, Site phone and Site address, which may or may not have been filled out in the Collector Agent’s (CA) console when the Site was activated. In the past, you had to make changes to this information in the CA console by repeating the activation process. In release 2.0, you can now modify this Contact Information from the Viakoo website as well.

Refer to Site Administration documentation for specifics on how to do this.

Device Overviews

When a ticket gets opened on a device like a switch, camera or video stream, you are now able to click on the location link to take you to a device overview page. These new overview panes have comprehensive information on the device, related devices and locations, as well as events associated with the device.

For more information, refer to General Device Dashboards.

Authentication Expiration Correction

There was a bug where some customers were not being automatically logged out even though they had not selected the “Remember Me” option which tells the system to keep a user logged in for up to two-weeks. This bug has been fixed in Release 2.0 so your authentication will expire within 30 minutes of your not using the site. If you like to stay logged in, check the “Keep me logged in for 2-weeks” option.


Known issues with release 2.0

Map tab has been disabled

We ran into several issues trying to include the “Map” tab in Release 2.0 and have temporarily disabled this feature while we work on building a better implementation.

Emailing Reports

Emailing of Reports directly from the generated report has been temporarily disabled in Release 2.0. You can still email a report by generating a PDF file using the Print control and then emailing the resulting PDF file.

User Preference Administration

In prior releases, Administrators for their organization had a panel where they could set the preferences of other members of their teams. As a security concern of some users, we’ve removed this panel. Users are still able to set their own preferences either from the “My Profile” window or their “Preferences” window from their Viakoo phone app. Administrators can also assist their users in setting up their preferences.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

1 (855) 585-3400


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