Clickable Links in Device Tables

As a convenience, the IP addresses in Viakoo's "Details" tables have "click-to-go" icons.  Clicking on these icons will bring up a new tab or window using that IP address as the URL (i.e., "http://<IP address>").

If the user was working from a workstation that is connected to the camera network, then clicking on the IP address will bring up a browser window on the associated camera, switch, access controller, or server. 

In this way, users have an easy way to navigate to a device from the Viakoo interface. This could be to confirm that a camera is working or change its configuration parameters directly from the Viakoo interface.

Note: Users must have "Pop-ups Enabled" in their browser for this to work. More over, if users are not within the camera network, they are likely to just get a blank screen.

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