Manual Ticket Creation

Manual Ticket Creation

Note: Administrator role only have the ability to manually create their own tickets.

To create a new ticket manually, click on the  in the upper right corner of the ticket list display:

This will open the ticket creation form:

The form has the following fields:

  • Problem - Description of the problem that needs to be solved [Required]
  • Action - Explanation of how to solve the problem [Optional]
  • Location - Site where the problem exists [Required]
  • Priority - Level of severity associated with the problem. Suggested usage:
    • FAILURE - Serious failure that has created outages of critical services.
    • CRITICAL - Problem or failure that is localized to a single device. ELEVATED - Problem that, if not corrected could lead to failure but currently is only degrading performance.
    • MINOR - Tasks that need to be done but there isn’t an immediate threat to the infrastructure.

After you enter the new ticket’s information, you can simply click “Create” to add it into the general ticket queue for the associated site, or you can click “Create & Assign” to open the Assign dialogue and give it to one of the members on your team.


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