Invite and Assign from Tickets


A new feature in Release 2.0 is the addition of the ability to “Invite” new users while you are assigning a ticket. This allows administrators to add individuals into their Viakoo instance as soon as they realize they need help, without having to exit out of the ticket workflow first.

When an administrator clicks on “Assign” or “Reassign” for a ticket, they will see a dialogue which shows them the list of users that are currently part of their configuration.

At the top of the list is a filter where you can type an email or name to narrow the list of people to choose from. If you type in an email address that is not in the list, the dialogue box will change to show the “Add & Assign” control.


You can optionally fill in their name and contact information. You must select a role for the new user. For more information about users and roles, refer to the article on User Management.


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