Adding Comments in Tickets

Adding Comments to Tickets

There are three ways to view and/or add comments to tickets so that coworkers can communicate as they work through a problem:

  1. Adding Comments from the Ticket List
  2. Adding Comments from the Tickets Overview
  3. Adding Comments from the Tickets Operations

Adding Comments to a ticket from Ticket List

The Ticket List can be accessed by clicking on the Ticket tab in the Dashboard menu. There, you can see all the tickets that are associate with the context (company, site, server) you are in. 

To add a comment to a ticket directly from this view, click on a ticket’s comment bubble  in the far right of the ticket row. This brings up the comment dialogue box. 

Add your comment text in the filed box and click the  button on the lower right to save to the comment history of the ticket.

You can also note that the comment bubble now indicates that there are comments associated with the ticket and how many there are, and the comment bubble will reflect how many comments have been added to the history of the ticket. Maybe it will look something like this: 


Adding Comments  from Ticket Overview

Once you click onto a ticket row to dig deeper into a ticket, you are taken to the Ticket Overview section, where you will see an “Events” and “Comments” toggle.

Clicking on “Comments” changes the view to show the comments sorted by date and gives you an entry field to add comments.

If you enter a comment and then hit return, the comment will be added to the ticket’s history.


Adding Comments from Ticket Operations

For each of the ticket operations, Assign, Accept & Close, there is a field where you can enter a comment before executing the operation. Below is an example from the Ticket Accept dialogue.

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