Understanding the Ticket Workflow

The ticket workflow follows a basic team workflow:

  1. Aware: When an issue is detected and a ticket is created it makes you  aware.
  2. Diagnose: You accept a ticket when you start a diagnostic.
  3. Act: Once the problem has been accepted, then the you are ready to act to solve the problem. As you work an issue you make notes in the ticket.
  4. Understand: When the issue is resolved you close the ticket. Then you can try to understand why the problem occurred. 


Understanding Ticket Workflow

An important part of the Viakoo service is the ability to collaborate and resolve problems as a team through the ticket workflow.The ticket workflow is implemented through control buttons on the right side of each ticket, with the assigned user and current ticket state listed beneath the buttons.

A ticket can have five different states:

  • Open which is by default Unassigned
  • Assigned once the ticket is claimed or delegated
  • Accepted when the ticket is delegated
  • Resolved when the ticket is manually resolved ahead of the system seeing the problem corrected.
  • Closed when an issue is resolved

The ticket workflow is illustrated as follows:



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