Generating Reports and Exporting Tables

In this section we cover the following topics:


Generating Reports On-Demand

You will find the reports tab as one of the menu item in the Dashboard of a company, site, and server. 

The different reports Viakoo provides are the following:

  • the Status report
  • the Inventory report
  • the Operations report

Go to Reports and select the radio button that allows you to select which report you would like to see. 

Once you have selected one of the reports, you can click the 'Run Report' button at the bottom of the window. 

You will see the report being open in another tab. Please be patient as a report may take a few minutes to generate due to the size of your infrastructure or the time range you have selected. 


Exporting Tables for Stream, Switches, and Tickets

All tables in Viakoo have the ability to be copied and exported in either CSV or PDF. If you choose to take of the work offline or import it into your own system.  

 Look for the Copy, CSV, and PDF buttons in the upper right next of any table. 


Setting the Daily Report Time

To set to receive the Daily Report go to:

  • Admin drop down and click on your name in upper right
  • My Preferences
  • Check the box for 'Daily Report'
  • Set a time in GMT in the 'Report Time' (ex: Pacific Time is GMT -7:00, so if I want to receive the report at 8:00 PST, I set it at 15:00 GMT)

The Daily Report provides a summary of all your tickets and component status such as: Currently Open Tickets, Switches Needing Attention, Cameras Needing Attention, Servers Needing Attention.

Attached to this article you will see an example of the Daily Status Report for our demo company Acme Sprocket. 



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