Troubleshooting Activation Issues

A number of this could happen during activation that could result in an unsuccessful deployment of the software.

In this section, we address a number of common obstacles we commonly see at customer sites:


Supported Browser Versions

Viakoo does not support all versions of all browsers. Check your browser and its versions.

Microsoft Edge (Update Microsoft Edge)

  • Supported: Edge Version 44 or higher

Chrome (Update Google Chrome)

  • Supported: Chrome Version 70 or higher 

Safari (Update OS X and App Store apps on your Mac)

  • Supported: Safari Version 10 or higher

Microsoft InternetExplorer and Mozilla FireFox are not recommended for Viakoo WebUI work. Microsoft InternetExplorer above version 11 (Compatibility mode should be disabled) can be used to run the ViakooCA console but above browsers are preferred.


RA Status showing Not Okay 

For each Server in your ViakooCA Console, there are two status indicators, one for the RA and one for the server associated with the RA. When everything is fine, these indicators should look like this:



Status: Failing to Reach Server

When the status shows: Status_Failed_Failed.png


This means that the server at this IP is unreachable from the CA server by ping and it is not answering the CA servers connection request.

  • Follow the steps in the next article "RA Status Unreachable" to resolve this issue.

The server at this IP is unreachable from the CA server by ping and it is not answering the CA servers connection request.


Status: RA Not Responding

When the status shows:Status_Failed_Okay.png

The RA server IP that was added is reachable on the network by ping, but the RA is not answering connection requests on TCP port 10106.
These are the most common reasons that an RA will not connect.

  1. Wrong IP Address for Server
  2. Restart the Reader Agent(RA)
  3. Firewall Issue


1. Check IP for Server with RA installed on it

Verify the IP address of the Server with the RA software has been correctly entered and added to the CA Console.


2. Restart the RA 

There are few ways to restart the RA. 

  1. Rebooting the server. This is the simplest and most effective way to ensure that the software agent will restart, and that any other processes that may have hung are restarted as well.
  2. Stopping/ restarting the process in the Services Panel. The name of the Viakoo process you are looking for is 'Apache Tomcat VideoNetworkNavigatorRA'. (If you don't know how to find the Services Panel, just type in 'Services' in your Windows Search, or go here for Windows TechNet instructions).
  3. If both of the previous options do not work, you can resort to uninstalling and re-installing the RA. For the latest agent download link, go here and follow the Windows TechNet instructions located on the same page.


3. Firewall Issues

There may be a firewall blocking the CA server from initiating a communication into the RA server on TCP port 10101.

To test that the windows firewall is the problem, try temporarily turning off the Windows firewall and see if that resolves the issue. If not, you may have to write an inbound or outbound rule.

Note: If you are unsure about you are authorized to alter your organization's firewall setting, contact your organization's network administrator. 

Windows Firewall Settings

1) Writing an Inbound Rule

To add a new windows firewall rule to the RA server, check the Windows TechNet articles called 'Understanding Firewall Rules'.

  • Open the Windows Firewall in the Windows Control Panel
  • Select Advanced Settings in the right column
  • Select Inbound Rules in the upper left Click 'New Rule' in the actions box.
  • Click the radio dot button to the left of "port"
  • Click Next
  • Select TCP, and set Specific local port 10101
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • When does this rule apply? select all boxes, 
  • Click Next
  • Give the new rule a name "Viakoo RA inbound"
  • Click Finish


2) Writing an Outbound Rule

The CA server may have a firewall rule running that is blocking it from initiating a communication with the RA server on TCP port 10106.

To add a new windows firewall rule to the CA server, check the Windows TechNet articles called 'Understanding Firewall Rules'.  Open the Windows Firewall in the

Windows Control Panel

  • Select Advanced Settings in the right column
  • Select Outbound Rules in the upper left
  • Click 'New Rule' in the actions box.
  • Click the radio dot button to the left of "port"
  • Click NEXT
  • Select TCP, and set Specific remote ports: 10106
  • Click NEXT
  • Allow the connection and click next
  • When does this rule apply? Select all check boxes 
  • NEXT
  • Give the new rule a name "Viakoo CA outbound"
  • Click FINISH

Linux Firewall Settings

If you are having trouble reaching your Linux-based ViakooRA(s) from your ViakooCA, you may have to adjust your firewall settings on your Linux system(s) that maybe blocking communication between the CA and RA. The Windows agent installer automatically adjusts local firewall settings to make sure communication ports between the CA and RAs within a site are open. Because Linux systems use a variety of firewalls, the Linux installer agent requires the installation administrator to verify and adjust these settings manually.

The ViakooRA listens on port 10106. This port needs to be opened in each systems' firewall settings to enable the ViakooCA to communicate with the ViakooRA. This is needed even when the ViakooCA and ViakooRA are on the same system. 

Additionally, there maybe more than one service that controls access to these ports depending on your configuration of Linux and each one may need adjustment to enable the ViakooRA communication port. 

Firewall settings on Ubuntu Linux:

If, after confirming that port 10106 is open and the ViakooCA is still unable to reach the ViakooRA, you may have an additional layer of application security that might be blocking access. In this case, investigate whether you have application security running and their settings are properly configured to enable the ViakooRA to communicate through port 10106. The most likely application security services are as follows:

  • apparmor - most common application security on Ubuntu Linux

If apparmor is not present, investigate whether you have selinux running (more common on Fedora/CentOS Linux)  

Issues With Adding Proxy Servers

1. Error message comes up after attempting to add a proxy server


You may have gotten this error message when setting up your proxy server in Viakoo.

Double checke your proxy information, server URL, Port number and credentials. 

If you are unable to connect through your proxy server with the assistance of your IT department, please feel free to contact Viakoo for technical assistance


2. Not sure if you have a proxy server?

You can check your Windows server to see if your organization uses a proxy server. You will find the windows proxy server configuration setup located in the Windows control panel in Internet options.

Click the connections tab then click on the LAN settings button.

Your proxy server information should be listed in the section labeled Proxy server.

If you do not have a proxy server setup, then 'Use automatic configuration script' will be checked, and the rest of the field will be blank.


Switch Didn't Add Successfully

If the switch fails to add, verify that your chosen recording server has access to the management port of the switch and that you have the right IP address of the management port.

If it still fails to add, verify with your IT department that you have the correct Read Community string or that your switch does have readable SNMP information (i.e., is not a "dumb" switch).

After adding your switch or switches, return the CA's main console and click "Trigger Send" to initiate a full collection cycle. After this process completes, verify in your site in Viakoo that the switches have successfully been added to your configuration.


RA indicates running, but I don't see it in the Viakoo dashboard

You have installed the RA on a server that you want to run in the Viakoo service. You have configured the CA console and enter the server IP address in the edit/add systems menu. The server show a status of running. But the server does not show up in the Viakoo service dashboard site navigation pane on the left of screen.

This issue is rare. We have seen that during the initial installation of the RA software sometimes the Apache Tomcat server does not start correctly


Got to Windows services, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Services. In the list of services locate the service named "Apache Tomcat VideoNetworkNavigatorRA". Right click on the name and choose stop from the pop-up menu. Wait for the service control status indicator that pops open to disappear. Right click again on the name and choose start.

Now from the CA console click trigger send:





Go to the Viakoo dashboard, in about 3 minutes refresh your browser you should see the new server.

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