Step 2: Initial Setup & Site Activation

Before you start

To begin this process, make sure you have gone through the Activation Preparation Checklist with the appropriate stakeholders.

You should have identified the scope of your projects: all the recorders, management servers, workstations, and switches you want to see in Viakoo.

Topics in this section include:

  1. Downloading the Agents
  2. Activation Process Overview
  3. Step-by-Step Activation Guide


Downloading the Agents

Download Agents Here

For the activation, you will need the following agents:

  1. The Reader Agent (RA) is used on each Windows-based server and workstation. It collects diagnostic data on the IP video infrastructure. All Windows-based video recorders, management servers and workstations should have the RA software installed for Viakoo to give you the best results.
  2. The Communications Agent (CA) is used on one server at each site. It retrieves and consolidates the diagnostic data collected by the RAs. The CA establishes a secure, outbound-only connection to Viakoo, and sends the diagnostic telemetry. The CA must be able to communicate with all the computers that have a RA installed.  The CA must also be able to persistently reach the Viakoo service through the Internet

Important! Good rule of thumb is to have a maximum of either 8 RAs to one CA or 500 streams to one CA.


Installing the CA

At this step of the process, you will need to have identified which Windows-based machine will host the CA. The machine that will host the CA must have a persistent outbound only connection via port 443. If you want to check to see if that connection is up, click here to verify.

Once the CA executable file is downloaded, click 'Run' when prompted by your browser. This will launch the Setup Wizard for the CA.

The Setup Wizard will take you through a click through process. Hit 'Finish' when you are done. Repeat this process for each group of recorder you will want to activate.

Installing the Viakoo Reader Agents (RA)

After the RA has completed the download, open the windows explorer and navigate to the Downloads folder.  Right click the RA and select "run as administrator" to install the software. You will be taken through another click-through Install Wizard.

Download the RA onto each of the recorders, workstations, and managements server you wish to see in Viakoo. The RA must also be installed on any machine that has a CA already installed on it.


Activation Process Overview

  • If necessary, Correcting Connection
  • Verifying Activation Key
  • Adding one or more RAs in the CA Console
  • Home CA Screen:  Adding / modifying devices and credentials as desired/needed
  • Triggering a first send of data



Step-by-Step Activation Guide

Once you are done with downloading and installing each of the RAs on each server, install the CA on one of your systems, and choose to “Launch CA” option at the end of the installation process. You can also click on the shortcut created on your desktop you should be able to bring up the CA Console. Alternatively, you can open up any browser window and copy/paste http://localhost:10101/ to get to the CA Console.


Establishing a Connection to Viakoo

For Viakoo hosted customers, they need to have an open, outbound port 443 (secure sockets) access to the internet from their communication server. If everything is fine, the CA will go straight to the activation screen. However, if something is preventing you from reaching the Viakoo Service, you will start in the Advanced Connection Settings screen.


If you get to this screen, you may have one of the following situations:

  1. You need to get IT to open outbound port 443 in your organization’s firewall settings and then try again,
  2. You need to configure the CA to communicate through your organization’s proxy-server, or
  3. You need to redirect your CA to your own Viakoo OnPremises server.

After you correct your connection settings and the “Current Connection Status” shows that you have a connection to the Viakoo service (whether Viakoo Hosted or OnPremises), click “Return Home” to activate your site.


Validating Your Activation Key

If the CA has a successful connection to the Viakoo service, you will see the following, “Viakoo Communications Agent Setup” screen.



Copy/Paste the Company Key (26 alphanumeric string) obtained from your Viakoo Rep, your Company Activation email or from the Viakoo interface (click here for instructions).

Once entered, click the 'Check Key' button.

If the key was checked successfully,  a  should appear along with the Company or Region associated with the Activation Key.

If it fails,   next to the input box. This maybe because one of two reasons:

  1. The Company Key incorrectly entered.
  2. You are running Viakoo OnPremises configuration. Click on the "set location" link to change connection settings (review OnPremises Activations).

After you confirm your Activation Key, the interface requires you to enter a unique Site Name for your Company or Region that is associated with this site. Enter your Site Name and click “Next”.


A window confirming the data you have just entered will appear. If you are comfortable with the way it is, click on  and the CA console will navigate to the Site Configuration screen.



Adding Systems (RAs) to Your Site Configuration

The RAs installed on each server collect the necessary data for Viakoo to provide its service. The first thing to do is to add in all the servers currently running RAs so that the CA can include them in the regular monitoring regime.

After validating the activation key and site name, you will enter into a “Add RA’s” screen.



This screen allows you to add one or more servers that you want Viakoo to monitor at this site. Simply enter the system’s name, a description and its IP address. As you enter information for one server, an additional row of fields will appear so you can enter another system below.


After you’ve entered your systems, click “Save RA’s” to have the system validate and store them as part of your configuration.


If the CA is able to reach the system AND that system has a running Viakoo RA on it, the system gets added to the configuration. If there is an error in the IP address or the RA is not reachable on that system, then it will show an error. Click on “Add more RA’s” to correct any issues or add more systems. Click “Continue to Home Page” to view and adjust the configuration.


Completing Activation


The CA Home Screen becomes the main point of administering the site’s configuration. It is from this screen that you can view your current collection setup and add, modify or customize the site’s collection.

At this point, you have activated the site and established a secure connection to the Viakoo service and configured in systems running Viakoo Reader Agents that can collect the data used to monitor, diagnose and alert you to problems.


Trigger Send

To test things out, click on the TriggerSend.pngbutton. This causes the CA to reach out to all the RA’s configured into your site, instruct them to perform a full collection and then send up the collected data to the Viakoo service.

NOTE: the very first transmission might take longer than subsequent transmissions due to the collecting baseline histories of logs and other diagnostics. If not all data is transmitted (i.e. cameras are not showing up yet), you can initiate another trigger send or wait 20 minutes until the next time the data gets transmitted.

You will see an active collection screen and completes with a “Data Transmission Result” screen that gives you statistics and status information about the collection and transmission. If you have a successful collection and transmission, you can then log into the Viakoo service to examine the data. You should see the servers and device configuration. Some of the metrics and analysis can take up to 48 hours of data collection to be fully functional but core configuration and some obvious issues may be ticketed immediately.

When you are finished activating all your network components, you need to verify that the activation has been completed successfully.


Refer to Verifying Your Activation to determine whether things are working properly and what to do about it.

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