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In Viakoo there are few different ways to get around. You have the ability to both jump around from one level to the next, or you can also logically move up and down the different level. Recall the Russian doll structure of Viakoo

Topics in this section include:



Navigational Pane

The navigational pane is always located on the left-hand side in Viakoo. 

Here is an example of the navigation pan at the Company Level. Acme Sprocket has 7 companies total. If I clicked onto the Dallas rectangle, I would be taken to the Dallas Site where the navigational pane would display the Servers at that level. 

You can click on the rectangle and it will always take you to the level below. If you want to move back up. There are other ways to do it. See Breadcrumbs below. 

There is also a way to sort the Navigational Pane

By default, the navigation pane will sort by Name. However, you can also sort the list of Sites, Regions, or servers by Status, number of unassigned Tickets.

Average Video Path Uptime, Average Video Retention Compliance, Video Stream Delivery Index or Heartbeat Freshness in order to best focus your attention on infrastructure that is important to you.

This is done through a pull-down list at the top of the navigation pane.  By default, the navigation pane will sort by Name. However, you can also sort the list of Sites, Regions, or servers by Status, number of unassigned Tickets

Finally, in release 2.0, you now have the ability to Hide and then Show the left hand navigation bar. For some users, the omnipresence of the left-side navigation pane isn’t always needed, preferring to have more of the screen available for viewing tables or performance information.


To hide the navigation bar, click on the Navigation Hide Control (“<<”).

To restore the navigation bar, click on the Navigation Show Control (“>>”).




The term 'breadcrumbs' comes from the popular fairytale Hansel and Gretel who famously used them to find their way back. 

In Viakoo, the breadcrumbs are an effective way to see the path you took to where you are. They are also a visual indicator to indicate which level you are at. 

In addition, the breadcrumbs are also clickable to you can use them as a navigation tool as well.  


Fast Navigation

If you are interested in going to a specific place in one click, then fast navigation is the most effective way to do this. 

Located in the upper left hand corner, the hamburger icon   allows you to bring up the fast navigation. Once clicked, you will see the name of your Company (ies). You can then just hover over the Site tiles and view the composition of the Sites. Once you have isolated either the Site or the Server you want to click, simply click on the tile containing the name

Below is an example of how to fast navigate to DFW-Server



The Search icon in Viakoo is located in the upper right hand side, next to your username.

Look for the  

Once you click on the icon, Advanced Search Form which can allow you to search and filter in a single window.

Entering a value for the Location field and then clicking “Search” will scan the database for any Site, Region or Company matching (even partially) the associated string. Entering a value in the Device Name, MAC Address or IP Address fields will return any devices that have corresponding matches in those attributes. Entering values in multiple fields will further filter the search down to devices that, at least partially, match in the corresponding attributes.

You can then sort the resulting list of found objects and add filters to further refine your search results. Then, simply clicking on the object will navigate you directly to the device or location in question.


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