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Is it possible to have Viakoo without having access to an external or public network?

Viakoo requires an outbound only https connection to our Data Center. The client can have a local network, but Viakoo requires that just ONE windows-based machine has an outbound connection. Could be a management server or even a workstation.

Viakoo On-Premises is available as a way for customers to install Viakoo in their own virtualized data center. For more information on Viakoo OnPremises, talk to your Viakoo sales representative.


What are the two types of agents that required Viakoo to work?

Viakoo requires two types of agents : a Reader Agent (RA) and a Communications Agent (CA). Those are two pieces of software, no extra hardware devices required. The RA gets installed on all the recorders, and the CA get installed on just one Windows-based machine.


How is the information from the camera streams analyzed?

Camera stream information (diagnostics data) get collected at the RA. The RA then sends it to the CA, where it gets encrypted and sent to our Service Center. At the Service Center, it get decrypted and analyzed using our proprietary algorithms.


Where do the RAs go?

RA get installed on recorders, or any windows based systems. If there is no camera stream information  like on a workstation, we just collect information on the any application processes and environmental data.


Where do the CAs go?

The CA gets installed on any Windows-based machine inside the network that has a persistent outbound-only port 443 (https). General rule of thumb is to have a ration of 1:8 for CA:RA, or 500 camera streams per CA.  


How does Viakoo alert me that a ticket has been created?

You can access Viakoo ticket information in three different ways:

  1. Through the Viakoo Dashboard
  2. Through email notifications, if you choose to configure it that way
  3. Through smartphone push notification, if you choose to configure it that way


Is it possible to integrate Viakoo with our existing ticketing system?

Viakoo has a built-in workflow for ticketing and alerting. Using HelpDesk notification profiles, this machinery provides a way of having alert emails sent to your helpdesk system in a form that is easily parsable. The default structure of those email templates as well as alerting parameters can be customized for your environment. If these built-in templates aren't workable for you, contact your Viakoo representative to find out how to get a notification profile customized for your environment.





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