Release Notes 2.12 (February 17th, 2017)

Viakoo Release Notes 2.12

(February 17th, 2017)

Viakoo Release 2.12 is an incremental step forward for the Viakoo Service. In this release we’ve added a section to the Company, Region, and Site Overviews displaying all the servers in a grid and a new resizing features for performance graphs. Additionally, Release 2.12 includes further bug fixes and performance enhancements. For more information, please read below for details.

New “All Server” Display

Release 2.12 improves the Overview for Companies, Regions and Sites to provide a quick look at all of your servers and their status.

In this view, each server in your infrastructure has an associated square in the grid with a color representing the server’s status. If a server is in a FAILED, CRITICAL or DEGRADED state it will also display the name and its most recent update time in the space below. Selecting one of the boxes will highlight the corresponding details and vice versa.

Clicking on a server’s name will take you to that server’s overview.

Servers that are in an OKAY state have their information hidden so as not to clutter the display. If you wish to view the details for one of these servers, clicking on the “Green” square will reveal the corresponding information and allow you to navigate to that server.

Resizing Performance Charts

Release 2.12 now gives users the ability to resize performance charts so you can view selected graphs in greater detail.

Below each performance char is a grabber glyph you can use to grow or shrink an individual graph in the display.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Sorting of navigation bar now works properly.
  • Accordion folds in the Details tab are now collapsed by default. This makes all the table headers visible, allowing users to quickly identify which of the tables have issues. Clicking on a table header expands the view to show its contents. Clicking on the “+” button above the accordion folds will expand all of the folds at once.
  • The Retention Date on the Retention tab will now default to yesterday's date to mitigate issues related to time zones. The date can still be manually changed to today's date, or any other you wish to view.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo

1 (855) 585-3400


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