Viakoo PhoneApp Release Notes 2.0

Viakoo PhoneApp Release Notes 2.0

(January 16th, 2017)


Release 2.0.0 is significant improvement to the Viakoo App for Android and IOS. It better supports the latest platforms and has specific enhancements to support users in the field. Notable new features are Look-and-Feel Compatibility with WebUI, Search, GotoCamera, and the ability to Change a Camera’s Priority. In addition, this release of the PhoneApp includes support for the latest Android & IOS platforms, including a fix that prevented the App from running on Android 7.

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Search in the Viakoo PhoneApp

For Viakoo users with large amounts of infrastructure located across multiple regions and sites within regions, tracking down a specific camera or recorder could require a significant amount of navigation. With the 2.0 release, we have added SEARCH to allow you to find and go to any device in your infrastructure.

To use Search, click on the spyglass ()

icon on the bottom banner of your display. This will bring up the same search form as the web UI.

Enter at least one of name of a location, the name of an object, an object’s IP or MAC address and click “Search.” The system will locate all objects, sites or regions that match the given parameters in a list below the form. Click on an entry of the returned list and the phone app will immediately take you to that context.

GoTo Camera

Release 2.0 now has a similar mechanism that is available in the WebUI, a right-pointing, “GoTo” arrow (). It works the same way as the “GoTo” arrow does in the webUI. Specifically, if your phone is connected to your camera network, either by being connected through Wifi or VPN, when you click on the “GoTo” arrow for a camera, the PhoneApp will launch a browser window to connect you to the web console of the associated camera.

Figure 2: GoTo Camera Feature


In this way, users can investigate cameras directly from the phone app without having to go back to their desks.

Setting a Camera’s Priority

Camera Priority is a useful mechanism to associate the degree of urgency associated with camera or stream problems. By default, cameras and their associated video streams are given a NORMAL priority level. This means that failures for this level of cameras will only open tickets of WARNING level priority (). This means that the ticket will show up in your todo list, but it will not “alert” you by sending an email or a push notification to your phone. The assumption is that NORMAL camera issues can be addressed through normal courses of operation. Setting the priority of a camera to CRITICAL causes issues associate with this camera or its video streams will generate ALERT-level () ticket which will cause an email or push notification to subscribers who would like to be alerted to problems in their infrastructure. Setting the priority of a camera to IGNORE blocks any tickets from being created for that camera, while also preventing that camera from affecting the KPI trends of Uptime, Retention and Quality.

In the 2.0 release of the Viakoo Phone App, administrative users can now adjust the priority of cameras directly from their phones.  This allows video network administrators who are out in the field to adjust the priority of a device as they need to and not force them to go to back to a desktop computer to adjust their configuration.

To change a camera’s priority, simply navigate to a specific camera either by finding the camera in the video stream list for a recorder or site, or by using the Search capability to navigate to it directly.

Figure 3: Administrators can click on priority to change a camera's priority

"All Tickets" Versus "My Tickets"

Release 2.0 has consolidated the ‘My Tickets’ tab and the ‘All Tickets’ tab into a single ‘Tickets’ tab with two separate views. The ‘Tickets’ tab defaults to the ‘All Tickets’ view, but if you prefer to see only the tickets that are assigned to you simply swipe the screen to the left to reveal the ‘My Tickets’ view.

Figure 4: Slide Ticket View to get to "My Tickets" or back to "All Tickets"



A key user improvement in Release 2.0 is separating out the navigation from the other displays. As we have in the WebUI, you can navigate to locations through a variety of means, either through navigation, search or clicking links in tickets or list of things in overviews. The navigation tab will always show you where you are regardless of how you got there.

Figure 5: Navigation, Overview & Tickets Tabs

In this way, you can navigate and then get to the overview of the place you navigated to, you can open a ticket and explore a recorder and then go immediately to the navigation context of that recorder, et cetera. This is another step toward making the Viakoo phone app function more like the WebUI.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Release 2.0 corrects the problem that prevented the Viakoo Phone App from starting on Android 7 OS.
  • The KPI measures are now only visible for users who have that included as part of their subscription. This includes VIAKOO_PREDICTIVE and ENTERPRISE customers. This matches the experience of the WebUI.
  • OKAY = Green in the 2.0 Release. This matches the color behavior of the WebUI.
  • Ticket lists now sort by priority with Alert-Level tickets to the top of the list.

More information

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us through the live-chat feature or contact us at

We love hearing from you!

-Team Viakoo (


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